A pet peeve, a rant, and what is really going on in my life

First, a pet peeve.

Let’s pretend that I have a friend named Bob and a friend named Larry and they don’t know each other. Larry has a lot of opinions.

One day, while conversing with Bob, I happen to mention one of Larry’s opinions. I clearly state that this is not necessarily my opinion, it is Larry’s. But Bob disagrees with Larry’s opinion, so he starts arguing with me about it. I feel like I owe it to Larry to try to explain to Bob why Larry has this opinion.

In the end I just argue with Bob, supporting an opinion that I  never claimed. Since its not my opinion I don’t really have a lot of arguments for it cause I haven’t thought about it a huge amount.

It is very frustrating. It seems to happen a lot.

Next, a rant. About Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays.

On one hand, saying Happy Holidays encompasses the whole season, not just one day. Because it’s not just Christmas that’s happening, it’s New Years too, and a break from school. “Happy Holidays” covers the whole she-bang.

On the other hand, Happy Holidays could mean that people don’t want to offend the non-Christians, so they say the generic term that includes all religions. But why is this so terrible?

If the grocery store clerk said “Merry Christmas” to you as you went out the door, having no clue what religion you were affiliated with, it would seem as though she was assuming that you celebrated Christmas whether you were a Christian or not. That Christmas was a holiday for everyone that had little to do with religion.

If, however, she said “Happy Holidays,” she would basically be saying that Christmas was a Christian Holiday.

Long and short, I don’t understand why anyone gets upset when people tell them “Happy Holidays.” Go get upset about world hunger or something, you know?

And lastly, what is really going on in my life. Well, um, I’m home…it’s Christmas season…I feel sick…I hope it will pass…I don’t really want to talk about it….


9 responses to “A pet peeve, a rant, and what is really going on in my life

  1. YES! A new Emily post!

    OK so I have to ask. . .why do you feel that you “owe it to Larry to try to explain to Bob why Larry has this opinion.”? And if Bob is going to be so rude as to argue with you over Larry’s opinion why does Bob deserve more than a whithering look and a “I didn’t say it was my opinion-how about those Trailblazers?” (or whatever might be a topic that you would like to discuss).

    Because I live in an area that is very diverse, Jews, Muslims, Sieks, Buddists, Hindus, just to start, I usually say “Happy Holidays” if I’m greeting someone I don’t know.

    p.s. sorry you’re feeling crummy 😦
    Praying for you.


    • If you just let Bob diss Larry’s opinion it doesn’t seem fair to Larry. And Bob isn’t necessarily being rude. It’s hard to explain how it is if it’s never happened to you, but it’s mostly frustrating because you know Larry has valid reasons for what he believes, you just can’t explain it to Bob very well.


  2. Emily-
    I laughed so hard at your letter that returned with the dresses. I almost cried because of your little note. It woulda been a good kinda cry. 🙂 The African dress (i am assuming you mean the red and green one) is my absolute favorite and the first dress I ever made. I was a a little sad to find out that they were too big. Wow, you must be skinny. Thats awesome though, wait til you get married and have three children 🙂 Anyways, I am so glad that those dresses were of help to someone even if it wasn’t you 🙂 It sounds like you had an awesome experience. One for which I am kind of envious of. See I didn’t find out about SMBI until I was married and hubby’s work doesn’t allow for a 6 week stint. Anyways, praying God continues to work some amazing miracles in your life.


  3. Bonnie Lass McTavish

    At the retail company where i work, we are required to not acknowledge Christmas or other religious holidays at all (even if a customer is wearing a menorah pin, for example, we can’t mention it) except for the all-inclusive “Happy holidays,” which seems a lot less friendly somehow. For awhile I said sarcastically “Happy Winter Solstice and stuff,” which made people laugh until someone said that was actually a pagan holiday, and as such was also politically incorrect.
    Which kind of ties in with what you were saying about Bob and Larry, because it feels like everyone is using euphemisms to express opinions they aren’t even sure they have.
    So, Emily: I hope this doesn’t offend any of your readers, but it would be nice to say what I really mean– please have a wonderful Christmas.


  4. PS, you do have a good point. It’s just that you’re the first person I wanted to specifically wish a merry Christmas to. 🙂


  5. The problem is some of us are passionate about everything. From World hunger to wishing someone a Merry Christmas because that’s what it is hello 😉 As for people from other religions being offended by that I don’t think that really happens, or at least not very often. In fact I know a strongly orthodox Jew who get’s more upset about this then I do. I dunno, it’s just the whole political agenda that drives me nuts and the whole thing of limiting our Christian liberties. Also maybe it will upset us even more when we “aren’t allowed to speak of Christ at all” because his name might bring someone offense. Anyway sorry just had to add my two sense in because I can. Like I said some of us are just passionate about everything! 🙂


  6. Happy holidays is universal isn’t it. It could be anything. Even if they get mad. One should say, well because of it, you get the day off of work don’t you?


  7. Why people get tied in knots over ”
    Merry Christmas’ or”Happy Holidays” is beyond me. I love the Christmas season and I am a Freethinker, big deal. Love your neighbor, help out if you can and say “Merry Christmas” to everyone.


  8. Thought this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhdaNEoVQDI was funny and went along with this conversation…


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