Help Wanted:

Sometimes it feels like all my friends are frantically trying to sort out their futures and ending up very confused. It’s a very common problem for 19-year-olds to have, which is why I feel a little silly and unoriginal posting about it.

But it’s so there. I am confused and my parents are confused and no one quite knows what to do because I got to Oregon and I felt sick right away.

So Oregon makes me sick…

I have no job in Colorado…

Or anywhere else for that matter…

What am I to do?

It is very confusing and frustrating and if you have any wild ideas about where I should go or what I should do I’d love to hear them

6 responses to “Help Wanted:

  1. I just banged my fist on the computer desk. That is so frustrating I could scream for you– but I don’t know if you do that so I won’t.
    I wish I had some magic solutions for you my dear, but I don’t even have any wild ideas…….. so I’ll just be frustrated and keep praying someone does.

    You should just come live with me and keep my lonely self company =)


  2. have you looked into short term missions? olive branch, DestInations, GTO, etc. I know each has missions as short as a month or two, some committments as long as two years, eact would have oppertunities to travel, try a different climate, meet new people, spread the love of Christ, etc. God is good and will open a door just when you least expect it (kinda like SMBI) blessings as you seek His will for your life, will be prayin for you!


  3. Here are a few wild and crazy ideas

    1. Create your own mission work in Colorado and get people to support you
    2. Make things that you can sell online
    3. Start a business selling other people’s stuff on e-bay or other online outlets
    4. Go to school online and get the government to pay your tuition and give you $ towards rent and food
    5. Write more books
    6. Get one of those drivable motorhomes (just be sure that it doesn’t have any mold or junk to make you sick) and check out different parts of the country to see where you feel best (selling your books for gas money :-D) and asking anyone who knows you or knows someone who knows you to feed you.
    7. Stay at somebody else’s house in Oregon to be sure that it is Oregon and not something in that house
    8. Wear one of thoes masks that can be used in case of some kind of air contamination
    9.Get a job answering calls for an 800 number (like a hotel reservations line etc.) that can be done from your home
    10.become a pro golfer
    11.Be a personal chef
    12. give cooking or sewing lessons


  4. I second the idea of trying another Oregon location for a few weeks, if possible. It could just be the old house. Or the new kitchen. The fumes from new paint, glues, varnish, and flooring make many people ill, and the construction stirs up lots of old dust, mold, plaster, and sawdust that can also be irritating. Another location is worth a try.


  5. So sorry girl! Maybe it would be good to try another house for a while! Will be praying for you I don’t have loads of advise. I know that God has some great plans for you and He will show you in His own way. Here’s to hoping you have a very healthy Christmas!


  6. ok so i was bored and came upon this blog and i’ve read ur book emily. so anyways here r sum ideas:
    become a journalist. go on a roadtrip with sum friends and interview different kinds of teens. write a book about it afterwards and film the interviews and stick them on youtube. just sum ideas. oh and i really enjoyed ur book emily.:)


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