Hillary knows how to write a letter

My cousin Hiillary and I don’t really text each other or keep up on facebook or even email, but sometimes we write letters to each other. And I have to say, Hillary knows how to write a letter.

There it was, in the mailbox. A bright green envalope with white paper doilies glued to it, a row of rainbow colored dot stickers, “Inside: your fortune” written in smudged red letters, and a penciled message talking about how she thought she had mailed it but then later she found it tuckedĀ in a book.

This was all before I opened the envalope.

Inside was not one, but three letters, along with a tea bag, a special blend of tea that’s supposed to make you feel creative. And there was this plastic fish that curls up when you put it in your hand. The way it moves is supposed to indicate your fortune. According to the dumb fish I’m “false.”

That was what the whole “inside: your fortune” thing was about. Hillary has taken to making up fortunes and telling them to people for extra cash. She wrote that she likes to say things like, “a sticky note lying on the ground will tell you the answer to your question,” cause then they go around picking up every piece of paper they find on the ground.

Oh and there was this paper where she had drawn poets with interesting faces.

Yeah. It was an awesome letter. This post doesn’t have a whole lot of point, except that Hillary knows how to write a letter. It inspires me to write interesting letters.

Now, why don’t you go write a letter to someone you know, or maybe three letters, and throw in a few interesting things. I bet it will make their day.

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