I am done!!

Done with my schoolwork. Almost done with Annie. Maybe even done with Colorado.

I finished up my schoolwork yesterday. Do you hear me? It is DONE. Not everything is scored so my diploma is not yet in hand, but it is done.

Tonight is the last time I’m working backstage at Annie. Then Sunday is the last performance, but I’m watching it.

I was gonna watch it friday, but I switched to Sunday, and oh my word there was drama at the drama.

It started with a lack of communication, and no one quite sure who would take over for me when I took my day off. Whenever I was asked I said that I thought Katie could do it, since Katie helped me with one of the quick changes already. I know I talked to her once about it, but it was a while ago and she doesn’t remember. Anyway, I thought she would just sort of take it upon herself  to learn the changes, but she didn’t, so at the Wednesday practice I asked her if I could teach her the changes.

Well she was a bit confused, because she didn’t remember ever being informed that she was supposed to take over for me on my day off. She agreed to do it though, but then later she told me that there were few enough people doing scene changes that they needed her, and they’d find someone else to do the changes by the next day.

Frankly, I was a bit worried. I had one practice to train someone it, and I was sure I’d sit in the audience and watch Grace come on late because her costume wasn’t changed in time.

Well before the practice even started on Thursday, Michal’s mom(Michal is the girl who plays Grace), I think her name is Becky, came up to me, wondering if there was any chance (no pressure!) I would be willing to watch the show Sunday instead of Friday. That would give me one practice and two shows to train someone new in.

I had to check with my Mom to make sure it was ok with her, and make sure i could get my tickets transferred, but otherwise I was totally fine with it. It made me feel needed, and reduced the stress of training in a new person.

But who would do Grace’s changes for me? Marcy had volunteered, I heard, but she was acting in a few scenes and doing the curtain and a billion other things. She takes so much on herself. So we searched for someone else, and finally got the lady who plays Lilly to do it.

Everything was all fine and dandy, until I got to the show Friday. First Katie talked to me, telling me how bad she felt that I had to switch my night just because she couldn’t do the changes.

I assured her that that wasn’t the case, of course. But then Marcy came up to me, and she was just ticked. Not at me, but at the fact that someone had dared to ask me to change my night.

I honestly didn’t get it. It wasn’t a big deal. But Marcy seemed very upset at Michal and Becky. Which really kind of upset me cause I didn’t think they did anything wrong.

Anyway, later Marcy seemed to imply that she was a bit hurt by the fact that we had chosen someone else over her to change Grace (only still, she implied that it was Michal and Becky’s fault, not mine, which was odd).

I don’t know what all was going on, but it was a lot of drama over nothing.

Every time I get ready to move I just don’t really feel like writing about it. It’s looking like I’ll move back to Oregon. Not for sure yet, just looking that way, since finding a job for me here seems impossible. And I, in the worst way, don’t want to go back, which is terribly selfish. If they want me to come home, I will, simple as that. I wish I could just do it happily. Why was it so easy to leave, and so hard to go back? It makes no sense. I love everyone back home. I don’t get it, but that’s the way it is.

One response to “I am done!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your school work!!!

    As to feeling hesitant about moving back to Oregon, once you’ve been on your own, it’s difficult to go back and find your place in the family. None of you are the exactly the same people that you were when you last lived together, especially you.


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