Creepy things and Boredom

I don’t want to even imagine what Barney-vampier-zombies would be like. And yesterday was the most horrible Annie practice EVER.

It was scene one, and the orphans were doing their “it’s the hard knock life” dance over and over and over and over. I have no clue what was wrong with it. But we were on the Canon City stage for the first time, since we’d been doing it in Florence up until now.

Me and Ellie were backstage with the dog catcher and the assistant dog catcher from the next scene. They were waiting to go on. We were waiting for the scene to change so we’d have something to do.

There was a lot of waiting going on.

But in the midst of the waiting the assistant dog catcher started talking about his dreams. During the school year he has really violent dreams, he said. And then he started rattling them off. Teletubbies with machine guns, Bugs Bunny with a grenade, teachers and schools and students getting blown up, it was hilarious and disturbing but of course I was fascinated because I am always fascinated by dreams.

If the scenes aren’t changing there is nothing to do. Me and Ellie were so bored we played Mashfry. It turns out that I’m gonna marry Kevin Jonas, live on a farm, have 23 kids, and drive a blue minivan. Ellie got a yellow jeep, a mansion, a couple kids, and the assistant dog catcher with the violent dreams.

I finally was like, “look. I have nothing else to do this entire act, there’s no way we’ll make it to act 2 at this rate, I’m tired, and my mom is here visiting. Can I just go?”

And I could. Awesome.

Tonight is looking to be another bad night, with the added bonus that I have to train in a replacement to do the quick changes on Friday, when I’m off to watch it.

One response to “Creepy things and Boredom

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog, but have never commented before.. I like your style of writing!
    Speaking of dreams… The other night I had an odd dream- I dreamed I was sleeping. The rest of the dream was strange, too, but that part made me laugh later. I guess sometimes dreams really do come true! 🙂


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