a sneaky little blog post

Hello amazing blog readers! I’m looking for smart, capable people to fulfill a special task! Have you read my book? Do you have ten extra minutes to do something nice for someone? If you answered “yes” to both those questions, then you are JUST the kind of person I need to write a review of my book on Amazon!

(Seriously, I feel exceedingly stupid asking people to review my book, but my editor has told me twice now that if people give me positive feedback on my book I need to ask them to write an amazon review, so that my book will be taken seriously.)

Different subject: I have decided that my choice of future carers is severely limited. I can never be a famous person, a politician, a business woman, a model, or a short person. Why? I absolutely cannot walk in high heels.

I remember the first time I ever walked in heels that were even remotely close to high, aka, about an inch. It was at my Aunt’s wedding, and I was supposed to walk down the aisle and hand people flowers. I had the hardest time walking in those shoes without clomping.

And then there was the time I needed black sunday shoes and I found this totally cute pair of black heels at goodwill that I convinced Mom to buy. But when I wore them to Church I could not for the life of me walk gracefully and all the little boys made fun of me and Heath asked Matt why I was limping.

A few days ago I decided I had to learn to walk in heels. It is a basic life skill. So I’ve been wearing heels around the house and everyone laughs at me and I can’t for the life of me stop clomping so I have given up.

Goodbye dreams of being a famous short political business person model.

4 responses to “a sneaky little blog post

  1. Well, I don’t know how smart and capable I am, but I read your book and liked it, so I wrote a review! =) Hopefully it helps a little.
    I can identify with you on the high heels. I remember one time I found this really elegant-looking pair of heels at the store, and convinced my Dad to get them. . .the main things I remember is the lack of grace with which I walked and the sore ankles I had afterward. =)


  2. Does posting a review on GoodReads help too?? Also, I believe I asked you this before, but if you could find out how much it costs to buy a book directly from you and ship to Canada, that would be great! Normally I’d just go buy a copy from Chapters, but who deosn’t want an autographed book?!


  3. Saw the first few minutes of your webcast last night (up until the first blackout) but I was being waited for to go to dinner so I had to leave :-(. Loved what I saw and what Bob Welch wrote about you in his column and blog that your mom posted today!


  4. hey i just read the article and blog from Bob Welch about you.. a friend i met from work told me about it and i decided to check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this weekend goes great for you ๐Ÿ™‚


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