Driving, driving, driving, and will we ever get there? The car has just about lulled me to sleep, when all of the sudden I smell it. The smell of summer.

“Roll down your window!” I yell, “do you smell it?” And then I stick my head out and take deep breaths.

Only one place I’ve ever been truly smells like summer. Here, at home, in Oregon, in the middle of the grass seed harvest.

Because summer, you know, smells like grass seed dust.

It is a wonderful smell.

You sort of expect things to change drastically while you’re away, and then you come home and are amazed at how the same everything is. Well perhaps I shouldn’t generalize like that. But that’s the way it was for me.

Except for the heat. For some reason I arrived home in the middle of a heat spell. Nice.

The playhouse is my new bedroom, partially because Jenny now has my old room, partially because I don’t want to sleep in the house for fear I’ll get sick again (cause very old houses have, in the past, seemed to make me sicker for some reason) and partially because sleeping in the playhouse seems very enchanting and interesting. Very Wendy like.

But the playhouse is, of course, full of moths.

Yesterday is was so hot I slept with the door open and closed it when it got too cold. But lo and behold, once I closed the door, I couldn’t sleep. Too busy chasing and killing moths. The climax came when I looked at the floor and saw a MOTH running along chasing a MOUSE. Yikes. Killed the moth, and the mouse ran out under the door.

So I decided, finally, after all these years, I need to make a truce with moths. I wore earplugs to bed so I couldn’t hear them banging around, and made plans to get a mosquito net to hang over me so they can’t fly into me. Then, I decided, I shall just let the moths be.

What do you know? This morning when I shut the door there was not a single moth in here.

Last night it was so hot. Me and Jenny decided to go swimming.

Then, what do you know, Stephy and her cousin Anna came over to say hello. And the decided to come along.

It was so lovely. I haven’t gone swimming in the creek for years.

I think I shall enjoy my stay immensely.

2 responses to “Home

  1. Hope you do enjoy it!


  2. It’s good to have you back. Hope you can stay for a while.


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