Convention, famous people, and bookstores

Amy and I took a road trip to the BMA convention. Besides the books and the famous people it was quite like the road trip to the convention two years ago, when I got west nile. That was not going to happen again. I kept myself covered with organic bug spray, which made me smell like lemon bars but that’s better than getting west nile again.

  • The famous people
    On our way from Colorado the the BMA convention we stopped and spent the night at the house of the famous Mast family. Is it odd to ask to spend the night at the house of people you pretty much only know through the Internet? I was afraid that perhaps it was, until I got there and we had such fun and they were so welcoming that it didn’t feel strange anymore.
    Except they had read my book, and I had written about them in that book. That was strange. But in a good way, I think.
  • The books
    I sold my books at convention. They did very well, I thought. I sold more books than my mom.
    I looked online, and Marni, one of the other authors, had posted about our books being in Barnes & Noble. Our books were in Barnes & Noble?
    On the way from the convention, I stopped at a Barnes & Noble in Iowa city. There they were!!!

Now I am very tired. Too tired to go into extensive detail on the wonders of convention and kindred spirits. But this one thing I will say:

If you have read my book, I would be so so so grateful to you if you would give it a review on Amazon!

It can really help a lot, my editor told me.

Goodnight all.

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