Strong or Skinny?

I technically left xanga, I guess, but I’m still obsessed with reading featured blogs. Like this one yesterday. Basically, the author says that skinniness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, because with skinniness comes weakness. It’s much better to be strong, she says. And I applaud her all the way. Weakness is no fun. It’s actually quite embarrassing.

The author ends her post by asking, “which would you rather be? Skinny or strong?”

And as I scrolled down through the comments, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Skinny always wins

I choose thin…sorry šŸ™‚

Honestly? Skinny

Skinny. I know that sounds horrible but that’s the way it is.

Skinny! I don’t need all that muscle
And I’m sitting here thinking….what???? how on earth could someone rather be skinny than strong???

To me, the weak one, that’s like asking, “Would you rather eat some ice cream with strawberries or some rattlesnake meat with chocolate syrup?” and watching everyone reply…

Rattlesnake meat always wins

I choose rattlesnake and chocolate…sorry šŸ™‚

Honestly? Rattlesnake

End of rant.

I figure, if I’m ever going to be strong, I need to get more fresh air and exercise, right? So I started taking a morning jog around the Abby. Ha ha just kidding it’s actually a morning walk. Yesterday I tried to jog. It went horribly. I was wheezing. But someday I’ll be able to jog.

Honestly, I never understood the appeal of a morning jog (erm, walk)Ā  until I started taking one. It is lovely. And it really wakes you up.

But now my legs are sore. From walking. Ah well.

Ummmmmmmmmmmm I watched HSM 3 with Tonya last night. Hooray for redbox. Hooray for movies where people just start singing whenever they feel like it. Hooray for movies that just make you happy inside.

Except that Gabriella is far too perfect.

Oh well. The reason I decided to tell you that I watched HSM 3 is because there is a scooter in once scene that looks very much like my scooter. I thought that was pretty cool.

One question, before I go. Why is it so much easier to write blog posts than emails???

3 responses to “Strong or Skinny?

  1. I vote strong. Definitely strong.


  2. livingoutsidethebox

    I’m obsessed w/ reading the featured xanga postsa too, and I was horrified when I read the responses to that question. I’m fairly skinny, w/o trying, but seriously, when you really think about it, what kind of a choice is that?!


  3. big fan of strong.

    maybe emails are harder because someone wants something from you? or they will. though my experience with blog posts is the opposite – I think someone wants something from me on my blogs, so I tend to procrastinate … while email is, in itself, among other things, a form of procrastination … perhaps I am getting to the root of the problem …


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