One of those random posts I like to do

Maybe perhaps I shall get my books in less than two weeks!! So incredibly excited. I ordered a whole bunch yesterday.

Today I went to walmart to buy eggs and glue, and a boy in a black fedora said, “I remember you! You were at the park yesterday!”

Oh yes. I remembered him. Actually I remembered his hat. But I didn’t say that. After all, he probably remembered my hat too.

The other day I was taking a nap, and dreaming. I was in a yellow raft on this lake.

All of the sudden I was tossed high in the air. The dream became extreemly vivid. I splashed into the water, and saw fish swimming around me.

I began to wake up. Opening my eyes, I saw my bedroom. I could also still see the fish and the water, only they were see-through, and I could see my bedroom behind them.

It was very strange. That has never happened before.

I closed my eyes, kept dreaming, and swam to the surface of the water.

Cloudy days put me in a dreadful malaise. I have no idea why. I used to like cloudy days. They were normal.

Today was a cloudy day.

Today I glued fake jewels onto a reliv canister that I’m going to make into a kleenex box. I also glued fake jewels onto my toilet plunger case. I like gluing things.

Life is so wonderful when you are well. Sometimes I wonder how I used to not know how wonderful life was.

I’m going to eat pizza tonight.

Pizza is so good.

2 responses to “One of those random posts I like to do

  1. Your dream sounds like a Jungle Jam episode.


  2. So true Dorcas!
    Emily – did you eat some Eggplant Parmesan (which is second to none) before you went to bed??


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