Blogmas 2019 Day 8: Jenny and Emily Attempt to Make Santa Hats (A Video)


Jenny and I ransacked the sewing room and attic for fabric, faux fur, cotton balls, yarn, and anything else we thought might be useful for making Santa hats. Then we sat down on Jenny’s bed and, with only our imaginations to guide us, tried to make Santa hats.

And we filmed the whole process.

Thanks for watching! We had so much fun making this.

In 2020, I hope to buy some video equipment and make even more videos. If you’re interested in subscribing to my YouTube channel, where they’ll all be uploaded, you can go to and click the red “subscribe” button. (But don’t worry, I’ll still share them on my blog too.)


7 responses to “Blogmas 2019 Day 8: Jenny and Emily Attempt to Make Santa Hats (A Video)

  1. Hilarious!! I must admit, your Santa Hat DOES look like a nightcap! It’s pretty, though! BTW, where did you get your fur, or did it just kind of accumulate over the years? I was wondering where to get some, as I would enjoy making hats myself! Thank you for sharing!!!!!


  2. Hah!! So funny. I really enjoyed watching this! You definitely should make more videos. I can assure you of at least one loyal watcher!

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  3. Love this! I got a kick out of Jenny’s “just send it”! LOL My little brothers favorite term…(sigh) : ) Looking forward to more videos!


  4. I like that- Jenny and Emily ATTEMPT to make Santa Hats!! This video is hilarious!! You should make more videos:)


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