Giveaway Winner/Life Update

And the winner of my extra copy of I Capture the Castle is…Rachelle Zook.

Congrats, Rachelle! I sent you a Facebook message with the details.

As far as a life update, I have less than a week left in Ohio. I’m planning to drive over to Lancaster PA on Monday, where I’ll spend Thanksgiving week before heading on to Delaware.

I just hope the roads will be safe when I need to drive them. Yesterday we had a bit of an ice storm that left a glassy coating on the trees. Carita got the day off, and we carefully drove to a local coffee shop where we shared a pot of tea and watched giant chunks of snow fall. I worked on a writing project. She graded papers.

“This is perfect,” I said wistfully. “I’ll get a good month of winter and snow, and then just when I’m getting tired of it I’ll go to Florida and experience sunshine.”

“We don’t usually get snow until January though,” said Carita.

“Um, it’s snowing right now. And we already had snow, last week,” I said.

“That’s not real snow,” said Carita.

I could see her point. Outside, the flakes melted when they hit the ground. And last week it had just been the smallest dusting on the concrete, with both road and grass looking untouched.

But then last night, we got a REAL real snow. Everything is coated, though the grass still pokes through like it needs a good shave. But mostly it looks like a magical wonderland, and at 2 pm, it still hasn’t melted away.

As long as the roads are clear by Monday, I’m loving it.

One response to “Giveaway Winner/Life Update

  1. Marian Zimmerman

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on Lancaster PA
    Big old stone homes that were part of the Underground Railroad.
    the Green Dragon farmers market full of amish and mennonite stands
    Lancaster Central Market, you’ll think your in Europe
    you’ll drive right by Hershey chocolate and Lebanon Bologna
    Lititz the most beautiful town ever
    If you need a place to sit on a porch and watch lots of buggies go about there day, feel free to make yourself at home at Heritage Gallery Out Door Art in Intercourse at Kitchen Kettle Village. Oh and drop one or your red rubber boots I’m needing one for a Christmas display, it’s across the street from a Quaint old fashioned harness shop with Amish making things out of real leather.
    great place to stay and write a book


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