Bye, Sprwinter

Today I decided that I don’t have to like February/March.

I feel like I should. I mean, there’s the whole “live life to the fullest” thing. But even more, I always thought my least favorite season was winter, and my favorite season was spring, so should’t I love the moment winter begins to turn to spring?

And then every Sprwinter, for every sunny day and blooming daffodil, we get two weeks of rainy days and bare, ugly trees. It gets under my skin. I start feeling cold from the inside out.

When it’s properly winter, I am perfectly content to wrap in blankets and sip tea and read books and sew. In Sprwinter, I try to go on hikes, and then resent the rain. Or I go on a hike when we have a gorgeous 65° sunny day…

…and then feel tired and grumpy when it pours rain two days later.

Enough is enough. I am re-categorizing Sprwinter. I’m not going to try to like it any longer. I’m just going to survive it.

5 responses to “Bye, Sprwinter

  1. My feelings exactly! i LOVE the sunny days and then get disappointed with the oppressive gray!

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  2. I will vote for you! We had lots of big fluffy snowflakes off and on all day yesterday! Then the sun would peek out, and then it would start again! This morning there is enough snow on the sidewalk, I might use the shovel instead of the broom! Brr! And temps also drop to 19 degrees at night, after a week earlier in the 60’s!


  3. I’m with YOU. I’m so over the cold and damp and ugly. Yes, it’s that way on the east coast too. =/


  4. I get that. But I moved to this spot in 1992. My husband’s boss had died and my husband had left me alone for six weeks, while he left his perfectly scheduled and organized district for someone else to run easily while he took over his boss’s district, un planned, unorganized, and messy. The company was still deciding where to put him, whether to promote him or replace him, and it all hinged on how well he cleaned up the mess left for him. they decide mid February and we had to give the moving company a date less than 30 days in the future on which to pack our whole house and deliver us to our new one. We had very little savings and no place to move to. So, on faith, we picked the furthest date out we could, mid March xx and then sat back and watched in amazement as Good moved all the pieces into place. We owned a little lot in JC, and as we could not find a rental at the time, we opted to put a mobile home here. In the middle of February, miraculously xx CV God gave us a week of dry weather in which to lay and dry in concrete runners for our home and also to put in a driveway. Our house moved here March 4th, our well was driiled a few days later, we cleared to topsoil for our shed by headlight one night and minimix poured the concrete floor at six the next morning, so my husband could level it before work….we built the shed over the weekend. My dad roofed it, my uncle dug trenches for power and water lines, and mid March and just as planned, the movers packed all our stuff from one house and put it in the other.

    I too get discouraged by the cold and dreary of the long rainy winter’s, but every single February for the past twenty-five years, God has given us a dry week in the middle of February, and it serves to remind us of that amazing move, of the countless miracles He did then when we put our hesitant trust in Him. Every year, that reprieve from the gloom reminds me that another spring is a few breaths away and that summer will follow….I keep my eyes on the signs…the crocus and daffodils, the popping yellow of the forsythia, the yellow- green of the blooming maples against the stormy gray of the spring sky, the greening and pushing of the grasses,,,and the winds that blow the sleep of winter off into a new, fresh spring.
    God is abundantly faithful, and spring is the best time to remember that and hope in it!!!

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  5. Egad, I sent that comment from phone and it’s full of unintentional autocorrects and inserted stuff,..hope you can read through that.. God not Good, and pushing not pushing….and so on…

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