An Awkward Conversation

I was walking through the library, when I heard someone say, “Hey Emily, how long is your essay?”

I looked at the guy talking to me. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know what essay he was talking about.

Me: Um, what essay?

Guy: The essay for American Lit

(Oh, so he’s in that class. Maybe I vaguely remember him.)

Me: I think mine is about 1000 words.

Guy: Oh man. Mine is over 1200. I hope that’s okay.

Me: I’m sure it will be fine.

(I start to leave)

Guy: I really liked that presentation you gave in class on Tuesday. I mean Monday.

(I gave a presentation in class about my brother Steven, his adoption story and what it’s like for him to be both Kenyan and American.)

Me: Oh, thank you.

Guy: Yeah, it really surprised me. I didn’t realize your dad was a pastor.


Guy: So you’re like, uh, Amish?

Me: Mennonite.

Guy: Okay, cool. I have some contact with that culture. I knew a guy, his mom was Mennonite, and she was like cooking all the time.

Me: Yeah well, that’s one Mennonite aspect I don’t really have. But it’s okay, I figure I’ll just marry a guy who loves to cook.

Guy:  Yeah, I love to cook.


10 responses to “An Awkward Conversation

  1. You should have said, “Are you proposing?!”


  2. hahaha wow…that is pretty awkward. I hope you didn’t mention that you had a blog in this class, too!


  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my I just laughed really hard. thank you so much for sharing.


  4. Bahaha Was that a marriage proposal? That literally made me lol


  5. Aww, the poor guy was trying his most bestest to start a conversation with you! Why’d you have to go and make it so difficult on him? He’s probably analyzing every single phrase and gesture and beating himself up for sounding so silly. Most guys get flustered around people they really like. If he woulda been all smooth and charming and suave, then you could rest assured that he isn’t nervous around you.

    But I have to agree, that conversation sounds incredibly awkward.


    • I don’t see any reason for him to be nervous, and I wasn’t trying to make it difficult for him! I tried to pretend I didn’t notice the awkwardness of what he said, so hopefully he isn’t beating himself up.


  6. >Grining< That *was* awkward! You *could've* cried "Yes, darling, I *wilI* marry you!" That would've made it more so. So, did you just walk away?


  7. Was that you that moaned recently that your siblings lead such exciting lives and you don’t?


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