Happy Holidays and all that Rot

I am on holiday in Virginia. I thought I would tell you that in case you want to stalk me. Just kidding. Please don’t stalk me.

I had a grand idea that I would take lots of pictures on my droid and then post them. But I only took a few pictures and they’re all pretty lame.


That’s the time I got up on Christmas morning. Yes I have a disney princess alarm clock. Santa was fully intending to get me a new one for Christmas but we all got up too early so he didn’t have time.

(I’m just kidding. I love that alarm clock because it’s a pink twin bell alarm clock, like the one in my header. My goal is to have everything in my header, and all I need now is a pair of red rubber boots.)


Jenny in the airport. Notice how we drove two hours to Portland and took a shuttle to the airport and went through security and it’s STILL dark outside.


Jenny in the airplane. I don’t know who that other lady is.


I doctored up the sky mall catalog.

There were two flights, and a normal looking middle aged lady sat by me for the second. For some reason she and I went through the sky mall catalog together and hooted and laughed at the things you could buy.

Like a life-size yeti statue for your garden.


See the snow outside the window? I guess that sort of counts as having a white Christmas.


But in reality my Christmas looked like this.


I took a mug with me, because I always take a mug with me. For tea and stuff. But it broke so I had to throw it away at the DC airport.

Yes, it was a Cinderella mug. Any more questions?

I was very sad about my mug but decided to have a new year’s resolution to become less attached to stuff.

Well then. Once I was in a beautiful cabin in the woods of Virginia with my entire family, and hearing fascinating stories of living in Toronto and DC and at SMBI, I forgot about taking pictures. So you’ll have to be content with shots of Disney princess paraphernalia and mid-flight boringness.

Goodbye. Happy Holidays.

3 responses to “Happy Holidays and all that Rot

  1. Hey Emily, me and my mom, met your mom today, at the book signing… t’was special indeed.


  2. hahaha I love the clock πŸ™‚ I find irony in the fact that the only thing you don’t have is a pair of red rubber boots…considering the name of your blog and all.
    Also…SkyMall is hilarious! I wish I’d remembered to take one home last time I flew to show my dad, who has never flown. He’d crack up! I love what you wrote on it, too πŸ˜‰


  3. R.I.P. cinderella mug. πŸ˜₯


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