Quotes and Assistant Teaching

Of all the jobs and job snippets and volunteer positions I’ve had in my life, assistant teaching is my absolute favorite. I guess it’s not as fun as say, getting involved in theater, but it gets the upper hand because of the investment in other people’s lives.

I admire the head teachers immensely. But. I hate the planning ahead and the taking the fall when the parents get upset and the coming up with rules and discipline plans. Even teaching a week of Vacation Bible School has me uptight and stressed. For me, assistant teaching is where it’s at.

This year, for the first time ever, I’m getting paid to do what I love (!!!). Although college school doesn’t start for a couple more weeks, Brownsville school started this week. I’ve been mostly helping my cousin Stephy teach the first and second graders, and I wrote down quotes.

During a game of Bible Baseball, Sophie didn’t know the answer to a Bible question, but somebody else did.
Sophie: Well I haven’t even seen that movie.

Still during Bible Baseball:
Me: What was the name of Abraham’s nephew who traveled with him?
Kid 1: Abraham Lincoln?
Kid 2: I know which Abraham Lincoln killed President Booth!

Ariel: I want a nose that’s longer than anything. Longer than a tree, and longer than God.

Me: When I went to school here, we couldn’t come until we were in second grade.
Sophie: Why not?
Me: Because then we knew how to read.
Sierra: Was that during the Great Depression?

If you talk to me in person these days I will probably end up going on and on about the students and who struggles in which areas and who’s good at what and what Stephy is doing to fix this or that problem etc etc. It’s kind of all-consuming at the moment, but probably not suitable for a blog.

Till next time, practice your reading and get your homework done!

Oh wait…

2 responses to “Quotes and Assistant Teaching

  1. Your quotes made me giggle…and I agree I used to think the same thing when I taught, getting paid for what you love to do is the best!


  2. Love those quotes! “I want a nose that’s longer than anything. Longer than a tree, and longer than God,” is my favorite! 🙂


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