More Hilarious Spam

I laugh when I read my spam comments because sometimes they are just plain funny. Here are some chuckle-worth ones.

I am ttolaly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

Terrie / We are so excited about our new baby girl! Can’t wait to start conicetllg all of those cute boho ourfits! We will have to style this little year of the dragon chicklet in all things continental being mama and papa have such an insane travel bug. We wish our little peanut a very safe journey into our world and cannot wait to meet her. Congrats to mom and dad. Hugs and kisses from G&G!!! Love the happy blog post

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for stetnig me straight.

Great blog Seth!Clearly the snowboarding speed and skill has breihsd off on to your blogging perhaps we can coin a new term snowblogging or blogboarding ??Lots of lovely add-ons here!Terrific,Valentina

Haha thanks, guys! And yeah, I think it deilnfteiy varies from person to person. It even varies with me: sometimes I’m perfectly fine, and other times I feel like my hormones have taken over and I’m being controlled by Hormonemily the Fearsome who will destroy all in her way. Haha.

Your hotnesy is like a beacon

The I think men just made up that part to make us seem crazy >_<‘ comment was tolltay taken off a movie! lol and i really do belevie in PMS. I mean YEAH guys do just blame that on us but its also a real thing. I always do weird stuff and act snotty. I also always feel bad because of it !

Yeah that’s what I’m tlaknig about baby–nice work!


2 responses to “More Hilarious Spam

  1. That is so funny! Try reading some of those words out loud. They sound ridiculous!
    “tlaknig” “conicetllg” ????


  2. Mortimer Sands

    You should have titled this post Your Hotnesy Is Like A Beacon


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