pathetic girl looking for love, and a life

Edit: This started out as a true story post by me and ended up as a non-true story by Steven. Can you tell where the switch was made? 🙂

It was 11:00 pm. The snow on the road in front of me was sparkly and glittery, so pretty I wanted to make it into a dress and wear it to the presidential ball. This may have been the first time I had ever driven in snow. And when I got up this morning, this was not what I imagined that I would be doing at 11:00 at night.

Also, the stars were out. I was alone. I sang to myself, composing my own songs and pretending I was Taylor Swift only less melodramatic.

i then came across a a house with a snow man in front f it. i then thought it best to knock over the snow man and run. while running to my car i slipped and fell in to a pile of slushy snow. i was so wet and disgusted at my own sight that i then desided to go home. i was not aware of how fast i was going. the next thing i new there was a cop behind me. when the cop came to give me a ticket, he took one look at me and started howling with laughter. i got so mad at him that i ,without think stepped on the gas pedal and drove off. he then proceeded to chase after me again. but this i got a double ticket. it was a miserable night.   p.s< my “boy friend” dumped me. and he said that every time he was with me, i made him want to vomit. please help me. i really don’t have a life and i need new boyfriend or else i might just die

9 responses to “pathetic girl looking for love, and a life

  1. Brothers… 🙂


  2. Yes, third paragraph. Capitalization was thrown to the wind…er…to mingle with the snowflakes. And that’s where it took on decidedly unrealistic aspects. So, are you going to give us YOUR version?


  3. Ha ha, by the way–this truly WAS funny!


  4. O.k., so who hacked you?!!!


  5. HAHA!! Funny stuff!!


  6. Soo funny. Gotta love brothers. And I loved the line about Taylor Swift only less melodramatic.


  7. Do I have the most amazing kids in the universe or WHAT?
    “I made him want to vomit. Please help me.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


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