A Sad Fairy Tale

8 responses to “A Sad Fairy Tale

  1. Oh, Emily, so many memories! We had so much fun filming that. Had to laugh when I remember how we made the rain. I love that you put what we had into a cool video. Thanks! 🙂


  2. Oh, my, word. I never saw this footage before but I remember when it was going on, all secret rendezvous and stuff being hauled to the shed. Can’t believe Steven went along with your plans so happily. Oh, I do remember holding the sprinkler to make rain….on an obviously sunny day.
    But what a horrifically sad story.


  3. Ah yes, I also remember this well. 🙂 Stephy and Steven are so cute! 🙂


  4. unbelievable. professional. beautiful.
    At first I thought it was not a fiction. yes call me stoopid 🙂 luckily it is.

    Thank you. keep up the good work.


  5. Steven actually let you do that!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!!


  6. Hahaha oh wow…I have to ask, from where did the name “Idalette” come? 🙂 What a sad little story! PS you look a bit scary when you steal the baby!


  7. haha, that was amazing… and sooo sad. I bet you had fun making it, though! Will you check out my blog? foreignprincess.blogspot.com Please and thank you!
    ~Michaela 🙂


  8. emily that is so sweet i almost cried. Jenny thats what you girls were talking about.


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