Grocery Depot Haul

Have you ever watched those videos on youtube where those girls are like, “so, I went to forever21, and this is what I bought,” and then they show you everything they got?

No? You have a life? Lucky you.

I’m not sure why I find it so interesting what other people buy, but I do. However, invariably they end up saying lots of thing like…

“And this shirt was really affordable, only twelve dollars.”


“I bought this maxi skirt because maxi skirts are so in this season.”

Those are the sorts of phrases that I don’t really relate to because to me twelve dollars isn’t affordable. It is maybe a splurge. I am really tight-wadded like that. Also, saying that maxi skirts are in this summer is implying that they will not be in next summer, and you won’t wear them next summer. Or in the fall. Or whatever.

I, on the other hand, would probably wear it every season for the next five years until it got holes in it and then I might turn it into a purse. (Fine, okay, I just slightly exaggerated how thrifty I am but you get the idea.)

Now, working at grocery depot is like a tight-wadded person’s paradise. Especially if you run your own home and need to buy a lot of food, which I don’t, but these misalliances boxes come in and OH MY BUNNYSLIPPERS they are filled with amazing cheap stuff.

So as not to go overboard in my spending, I came up with a plan. I can’t spend any money on myself unless I earn it. You know how there are always thing you need to do, like calling your insurance or cleaning your room, that you just don’t really want to do? Well I award myself money, usually twenty-five cents, for doing those things. Then I can spend that money on myself.

I saved up for a few weeks and had money to spend, and this is what I bought. Oh, in case I forgot to mention it before, the youtube girls call their videos “forever21 haul” or “forever21 haul” (it is almost always forever21, oddly enough) and so that is why I named this post “grocery depot haul.”

Izze. Have you ever tasted it? Ahhhhhh it is like carbonated fruit juice and I am convinced that when I drink it I am inspired to write.

(Four cans, 50 cents each)

This is like the fake version of Izze. It is cheaper. 35 cents instead of 50. I bought two of them but there is only one in the picture because I already drank one.

This is some sort of exfoliating scrub stuff for a dollar. There is a hole in the middle of it. I think it was supposed to come with a scrubber thing stuck in that hole but it wasn’t there when I found it. Maybe that’s why it came to grocery depot in the first place.

It was a dollar.

This was also a dollar. Can you tell what it is? No?

It is a 3-hole punch, designed to fit in a 3-ring binder. I am so excited to have this for school because I organize everything in 3-ring binders and sometimes the teacher hands out pages and it would be so nice to be able to punch holes in them and stick them in my binder right away.

This side of it is also a ruler, which is cool, though I don’t use a ruler in school. Well I have a math class this coming term so maybe.

Last of all, we have six sharpie pens for 5 cents each.

Altogether, everything came out to five dollars even. Only of course I got it for four-fifty since I have, you know, an employee discount.

So…shop at grocery depot! Yes, I am basically a walking advertisement for the store I work at. I’m not sure why.

5 responses to “Grocery Depot Haul

  1. I loved this post Emily! πŸ™‚ Entertaining. I miss shopping at discount stores… I haven’t found any here yet. Keep advertising!


  2. I’ve been half halfheartedly looking for one of those 3 hole punches. now I know where to look! thanks. You are doing a good job promoting your place of work!


  3. Haha I’ve never seen one of those videos but I’m not on YouTube very much. I actually have one of those L’Γ“real face wash things (mine was more expensive but it has the scrubby thing). πŸ™‚
    I want to go to one of those discount stores!


  4. Oh my. The l’oreal scrub must’ve slipped by me… Its not supposed to be only a dollar! “mental note to change that in the computer” However, I’m happy for your great deal! πŸ™‚ I like reading about your work experiences…. After working there 4 1/2 years all the “abnormal” things sorta seem to be “normal” after awhile. That’s kinda scary!


  5. hahaah. You know what, I actually have that face scrub too. And it was 9x as much as you paid, though it had the scrub thing. I’d say you got a deal πŸ™‚


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