From A Notebook, Day 2

Random thought, circa 2007

On Friday, March 30, 2007, I discovered something amazing. Dr. Pepper. I always thought it would taste disgusting, like…medicine, but it didn’t. It was amazing.


Made-up definition, circa a volleyball game in  2007

Duck syndrome: def-the condition of habitually ducking whenever the ball heads your way. Traditionally found in the female species, though it can affect males as well. Very embarrassing for person with syndrome, and annoying for others on their team.


Random thought circa 2007

Bald spots are funny to look at if you look from the top.


Random poetry, circa 2009, while I was trying to decide if I should be sociable while I felt miserable

Silence is good
Exclusion is bitter
Alone is so peaceful
Unless there’s a twitter

Of lovely laughter
When you can’t join in
But then, to be stuck
In the midst of the din…

So how can you know?
Is there something to gain?
Is it worth it to laugh
If you’re also in pain?

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