From A Notebook, Day 1

I haven’t been blogging much recently. Did you notice? I kind of relinquished my dreams of being a “real” blogger. Did you notice? Now I just blog for fun. Did you notice?

A week ago I unpacked two boxes and two big purses full of notebooks from my car and have been going through them, taking every song I have ever written and putting it into a new notebook reserved solely for songs. However, on the way I have uncovered countless story bits and random thoughts and poetry and quotes and etc etc etc that A. I am amazed at how much I have actually written in my life and B. I decided to blog some of it.

My goal: Every day, for a week, blog something interesting I found in one of my notebooks, along with a relative time frame of when it may have been written. I am going to say “circa,” and then I am going to say the name of a year, and hope I am in the ballpark. Which, of course, is the whole point of using the word “Circa.”

Quote from Trento McKormic, circa 2010

How much money does your family have? I don’t even know how much my family has. I bet we used to have a lot when we had a cow.


My random thoughts, circa 2006

It’s weird, that when someone says they hate cats, I pretend that I don’t like cats very much, but when someone says they like cats I feel this kinship with them and say how much I love cats. Actually, that’s true for a lot of things.


Another random thought, circa 2006

Wouldn’t it be weird if in the middle of church someone got up and ran out the front door of the church, and then five minutes later someone else got up and ran out the front door of church, and they kept doing that all the way through the service? But they would only need like, 5 different people because they could go sit in the back of the church and do it over again.


I just gave you three and I was only intending to give you one but oh well.

We shall see how this goes.

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  1. I noticed……


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