Sunday Table Art

One of my little life joys is decorating the table for Sunday dinner.

I love these colors.

Maybe I will use them for my wedding colors. For some reason I have a sort of obsession with planning my future wedding,even though I am not even close to becoming engaged.

It doesn’t help that I just went to a wedding this weekend. I didn’t know the couple terribly well, but nevertheless, half an hour before the ceremony I ended up in the basement sewing buttons back onto a bridesmaid’s dress.

That doesn’t really have anything to do with my table decorations.

And just for kicks, here is one more picture that I found on Mom’s camera. I don’t know who took it but I think it is cute.

That cat is available, for free if you are a nice person who won’t feed it to your pet snake, just in case anyone is interested.

2 responses to “Sunday Table Art

  1. Beautiful table! I love those colors too. I think weddings are fascinating to many females. I started planning my wedding when I was maybe 10, which was good, because my engagement was just under 5 months long which was barely enough time to assemble everything without having to research and choose things!


  2. Your wedding story reminds me of the wedding where I was the bridesmaid and the bride was sewing the buttons on MY dress just minutes before the wedding. thanks for the memories!


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