Purple Purses, Birthing Cats, Everything Esta Hates

Every once in a while I’ll get an idea for something I would LOVE to have. And then I go comparison shopping online like crazy, staying up into the wee hours of the morning. But the things I like are always too expensive and in the end, how can you know if something will work for you by simply seeing a picture of it?

I want to feel it, and smell it, open it up to see what it looks like inside.

But I still go crazy looking for perfect things online that I know would complete my life.

Like a structured bag, big enough to fit my laptop.

I can just see myself with a bag like this, strolling confidently down the hallways of school. Isn’t it just beautiful? (And purple-hater Esta, you don’t get to vote.)

Of course bags like this are expensive and cheep floppy bags are cheep. And floppy.

I am not a fan of cheep floppy bags. Why do expensive things cost so much money???

Yesterday Mom and Amy were gone, and I came home from school to find two piles of cat diarrhea on the floor and ants swarming over the dish of meat I had set out for the cat. The poor cat is skinny as a rail, having to feed six kittens.

Did I mention that she had her six kittens in the sewing room? On a pile of pink fabric? Which now is too gross to keep?

On one hand, it would seem as though I hate cats. They have dirrhea on floors and kittens in sewing rooms. But when I see a kitten my heart melts. Jenny gave me one of them. It is all black and it’s name is Claudio and I am quite certain that it will never have six babies and become so sick from trying to nurse them all that it poops on the floor because Claudio is a boy cat.


Cleo (Jenny’s cat, the mommy) meows all the time and no one ever knows what she wants. Sometimes she wants some raw meat to eat. She hasn’t been too fond of cat food lately.

The other day she sat by the mousetrap and wouldn’t budge. Finally I took the trap to the mud room, so that I could give her the dead mouse inside. But when I shook the mouse out it was alive!!

It disappeared into the laundry room.

Oh dear.

About five minutes later, Cleo came in with the mouse. It was dead, now. She took it into the pantry to eat it which was pretty gross. I don’t know why she couldn’t be content with eating in the mud room or laundry room.

And now, in closing…

Life Pros:

I have been exercising regularly! I love it. I am going to be healthy yet, just you wait and see.

Thursday we did real biology in my biology lab, growing fungi and using beakers and petri dishes and grinding up dandelions with a mortar and pestle. It was fun.

Jenny got a command performance at Jr. Convention for her poetry recitation.

Life Cons:

I don’t feeeeeeel like doing my homework. 😦

I’ve been getting behind in my room re-doing plans.

I am getting worried about not having a job this summer. I know I will get depressed if I don’t have anything to do. Oh dear.

Take care, lovely princesses!

3 responses to “Purple Purses, Birthing Cats, Everything Esta Hates

  1. Yeah that purse is awesome! Yeah for cats! Lol.


  2. Is the bag vynil or leather? i think you could make one with home decor fabrics and a 50% off coupon.

    Maybe Cleo has worms? Our outdoor cat, Fluffy, always calls me when she catches something so that i can praise her for being such a good hunter. Then i can go back in and she can eat her yummy rodents outside. 🙂

    If i could, i would hire you to entertain the kids this summer. What kind of job are you looking for?


  3. Will you still have the kittens next week?


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