The Pile of Fluffy Stuff on my Floor

I tried to make this cushion cover but with fluffy stuff like cushion material and fabric there is a large chance that somewhere along the line your measurements won’t measure up and you will be left with a large pile of extra fluffy stuff on the floor.

I am kind of sorry if that made no sense.

So, my “weekly project” that was this huge mystery like coughtwoandahalfweeksagocough still is not done. It was an easy enough project. I was just a wee bit lazy or uninspired or working too hard on my Ypulse article to get really crafty.

Yeah, I’ll go with the last one.

However, I finished out my bedroom furniture by buying another desk for it. A small one. Now my room will have a writing/crafting rolltop desk/dresser, a vanity desk/dresser, a bed, a mysterious project, and a nightstand.

Except currently the “nightstand” is a bright pink plastic tote. So maybe I haven’t quite finished getting furniture. But I am close.

Guess how much I spent on my cute little vanity desk/dresser?

Wait for it…


Yep. A free craigslist find, exactly what I was looking for, posted the same day I was looking, in Brownsville where I was headed the next day.


Maybe I can re-do my room without spending a cent. Except I already spent $2.50 on old records. So maybe I can re-do my room for under $5.00 or something.

I think I may have figured out a way to fix my hideous drawer handle problem without spending any money.


Hopefully on Saturday I will re-paint two of my walls white which means that I need to move furniture and live in cramped messy quarters for the rest of the week and sand and put that goopy stuff in holes and all that jazz.

Is this post pointless without pictures? Perhaps. I just got tired of not posting.


Or something.

2 responses to “The Pile of Fluffy Stuff on my Floor

  1. Awesome!=) But……..I WANT PICTURES!!!=)


  2. Your room must look fabulous! When you paint it I’m sure it will be very beautiful. You know, castles are so boring, all the boring gray stones everywhere. Gray drab colors everywhere. Your room must have a chandelier and stained glass windows with pictures of baby Jesus on them. I would love to come over and see it sometime. Your room must be a splash of colors! It must be almost like a sparkling palace where a beautiful princess lives, almost like me but just a teensy bit uglier. It must be fantabulously awesome.


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