Adorable Antique-tacky

I came up with a new home-interior decorating term.You know, like shabby-chic. Only it’s not called shabby-chic, it’s called adorable antique-tacky.

(The reason there is an apple on the chair is because I am trying to be artsy. That is also the reason the picture is tipped. Did you ever notice that all artsy photographers tip their camera before snapping the picture?)

Characteristics of adorable antique-tacky items:

  1. They are adorable
  2. They are antique or retro or old-ish looking
  3. They have odd proportions/ugly colors/garish colors/contrasting colors which somehow add to their charm

(First piece of furniture I ever re-did, about four or five years ago. My tools were: A leftover tube of paint from Amy, a footstool that my Dad made ages ago which always wobbled/fell apart, and a picture of Babar the Elephant King. Total cost: $0.00.)

(All photos taken by me with Mom’s camera. First three items belong to Mom. Last three items belong to me. Except I may have given the footstool to Jenny. I don’t remember.)



P.S. There is a huge difference between ADORABLE vintage-tacky and just plain vintage-tacky.

Like, crocheted afghans with yellow and orange and brown yarn would just be vintage-tacky.

Or those kleenex-box covers made with plastic grid and yarn.

Or those yarn-covered clothes hangers.

Pretty much everything that is made out of yarn. Except normal things like sweaters and scarves. Yarn is meant decorate people, not houses, in my humble opinion.

2 responses to “Adorable Antique-tacky

  1. Someday, you are going to come to my house and I will have the entire outside of a bookshelf covered in yarn and you will be in awe.

    the end


  2. Hmmmm. Interesting. Emily.


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