Notable Events in the Smucker Household

  • We have an ant problem. As in, the ants built a nest in Steven’s stereo and then subsequently came swarming out when he tried to play a CD. “There were even larvae in there!” said Jenny. She is, after all, a future entomologist.
  • I am painting a desk. Painting a desk is like writing a book. You always think you will just need ONE more coat/revision, and once you put on that coat/revision, you realize that you just need ONE more…
  • Mom told me the other day that I should put a bug in Dad’s ear to take her out on a date and use up their gift certificates. Wait, when did this become the daughter’s job?
  • I love the phrase “bug in his/her ear” though.
  • It reminds me of this girl from Mexico who said that in her community they called a song that is stuck in your head an “earworm”
  • Jenny and mom got matching pajamas. They are red with pictures of snowmen with disembodied heads all over them. As in, each snowman has a head and a body but they are not attached.

Like this, except red, not blue. I find it creepy but everyone just rolls their eyes at me. After all, I find the song “frosty the snowman” creepy, because, hello, non-alive human-shaped things coming alive is just freaky.

Also, when I was visiting SMBI recently I went to a lame-oh ice show and a man dressed in a snowman costume started following me. So maybe I just have an unreasonable fear of snowmen.

  • Ummmmmm
  • Someday my exciting life will come
  • Till then, farewell!

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