How to put your hair up with a pen/pencil: a tutorial

Yes, this is my first tutorial. Ever. I think.

Here we go: Emily Smucker presents….

How to put your hair up with a pen or a pencil or a spoon or whatever long straight thing you happen to have on hand.

Step 1: Put your hair in a ponytail

(Just for the record, the girl reflected in the patio doors is my little sister taking the pictures. Thanks Jenny.)

Step 2: Grasp the ponytail with your hand

Step 3: Loop your hair up over the top of your hand.

Step 4: Wrap the remaining hair around the base of the ponytail

Step 5: Around and around and around

Step 6: And around, until you have used up all your hair

Step 7: Slide the loop of hair off of your hand…

Step 8: And up over the rest of your hair, like this

Step 9: Stick a pencil or a pen through it

Step 10: Ta da!

Noteworthy notes about this hairstyle:

I wear my hair like this every day. I never had the problems with my hair falling out once I put my hair up like a lot of Mennonite women do.

You can do this hairstyle without putting the ponytail holder in at the beginning. You can just hold it with your hand. I did that for years and years but now I try to put a ponytail holder in it because it helps it stay up longer.

This style usually lasts me all day. If it falls down, it takes approximately 12 seconds to put it back up.

If you are wondering why there are those long-ish hairs at the nape of my neck, I will tell you. Once I did my hair in a whole bunch of little braids. When I got done I realized that there was a teeny strand that I had missed. So I ripped it off and then it grew back enough to just hang there without staying up in my bun very well.

One more thing:

It is possible to put your hair up like this using a spoon, a stick, a knitting needle, a crochet hook, and any number of things. However, sometimes things like sticks and spoons are very hard to get in and out and cause lots of pulled hairs and are in general a big pain.

10 responses to “How to put your hair up with a pen/pencil: a tutorial

  1. Interesting. I’ve struggled with quick ways to put my hair up and would like to try this. Do you think it would work for long, thin hair? My girls do a similar thing, but they somehow pull the band around it to hold it in place, and I never could get the hang of it. I thought maybe this would stay in place better for me. Oh and by the way, I’m subscribed in google reader and your posts didn’t show up ten times.


  2. yay! cool blog. i was never here before… i will be back. 🙂
    i was wondering– along with sticks and spoons, would a barrette work as well? i`d like to try that out. i sure could use a new “style” for my girls. i may get wild and crazy and try the barrette though…


  3. Twila–I am sure it would work with long thin hair.
    Jenny–I have done it with a barrette before. My hair is too thick for most barrette to work though.


  4. I did it with a shovel. BWAHAHAHA!!!


  5. Hi Em! Your other post did not come through with ten old ones. Just thot you’d want to know. But, it is not found if you try to comment on it. P.S. that Jibbekazubi charachter is really annoying.


  6. Ooh thanks for the tutorial; I will definitely try this sometime! 🙂


    I have never been able to do this!
    Today at work I just had to put my hair up and when I googled this you came up.. and well THANKS!


  8. I’ve looked through multiple other tutorials on the internet, but this has been the simplest and easiest to follow. For once I have actually been able to put my hair up using just a pencil, because of this lovely tutorial. Thanks!


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