This Is Why I Hate School

Yeah. So I just got done taking the most terrible final exam in the history of terrible final exams. Of course it is true that I’ve only really taken one other final exam in my lifetime but this has to be somewhere up there and I am quite irked.

For instance: The study guide was very vague and ambiguous. It would say things like, “be familiar with the people involved in American education.” So of course I go and try to memorize some key facts about every single person we studied about.

That took a long time.

When I took the test, I had to go in-depth about four people. Wait, I just went surface-depth on like, twenty people. Was I supposed to go deep in-depth on every single one of those people????

There was a vague mention on the study guide that we may have to know what tests we were supposed to take to get admitted into the teacher education program. So, fine, a memorized them. Only to look on my test and realize that I also had to know the cutoff score for each test.


Yes, that was not in the study guide and furthermore I have a bit of trouble understanding why it is so important. Surely when I take the test I can see the cut-off score and be like, “better get above that score!” and be done with it.

This, however, irked me the most:

  1. Technology: 1-2 beneficial websites, what are TSIPS (individual standards not necessary, but concept & content are)

Direct quote from the study guide. First of all, what on earth does she mean by beneficial websites? I found a website that talked about basic computer skills which of course was information not needed on the exam at all.

But lo and behold, there on the test we are asked to list the TSIPS standards. Wait, did you or did you not say in the sutdy guide “individual standards not necessary?” I took that to me that I didn’t have to memorize the list of standards, I just had to kind of know the gist of what they were about.


End of rant.

And in case you were wondering the teacher who made the test is the exact same teacher who write the note featured in “This Is Why I Hate School.”

P.S. I really don’t hate school.

One response to “This Is Why I Hate School

  1. Oh Emily, I’m sorry to hear it was so rough! I find Foundations of Ed frustrating too – who really needs to know the cutoff scores? We had to learn them for the first test and I thought it was totally pointless.
    PS – what are TSIPS standards? I’ve never heard of those. Our classes did such different things!


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