Why I Want to get Married

For a long time I thought marriage was really dreary. I mean, falling in love sounded like a lot of fun, but getting married? Bleah.

Books always ended when the couple got engaged. I thought that was very significant. Falling in love was fun, getting engaged was fun, but after the lovey-dovey proposal, I figured it was a downhill slope into dreary existence.

I distinctly remember saying something of the sort to my parents once. My Dad said, “What? Being married is a lot more fun than dating. Wouldn’t you say so, Dorcas?”

Mom said, “oh yeah, it’s way more fun.”

That was the first time the concept that marriage was more fun than dating had ever entered my head. I always thought of dating as fun, and marriage as serious.

Still, I will admit. Two years ago, I had absolutely no desire to get married. None. But now I do.

This is the reason: When you are married, it doesn’t matter how unstable your live is, how much you move around, or how many bad days you have. You always have someone that is right beside you going through the same thing with you.

A second reason: Getting married strikes me as fun now. I think the reason is that all these people that I looked at as being “fun” and “cool” are getting married and having happy dandy times of it.

I’m thinking mostly of Shelley, who’s recent blog post made me think about this in the first place. But also Lauren Mong, from SMBI, who’s now engaged and all happy and glowey.


Another subject: I am starting to like outlining, and I am so glad! I used to hate it hate it hate it with a passion. But then I sort-of outlined the rest of my book, and it’s making it so much easier to write.

I’ve decided that writing a book is probably my best bet and getting some more income. Of course it’s hard to try to juggle school and writing, as most writers are probably aware of. So I’ve been trying to come up with different tactics.

My first idea was to think about what I’m going to write next while I’m doing mundane things like driving, so that I can get it out quickly when I have writing time.

Today I decided to try outlining. I had my binder open in class, and I took notes on the right paper and outlined my next chapter on the left paper. I found that there are quite a few short moments in class where nothing important is really happening. Say it takes a minute for the class to discuss a concept that I know pretty well. In the first thirty seconds, I jot down a note. In the next thirty seconds, I jot down the next point of my outline.

I ended up staying really focused in class and getting tons of notes, as well as doing the outline. So it all worked out. I’ll probably have to be careful to not zone out onto the dance floor in Zolivia though. We’ll see how it goes.

Hmm, what else was I going to talk about? I haven’t posted in ages.

I checked my campus mailbox today for the second time since I arrived on campus. There was a plastic lei and two pizza coupons, but virtually everything else was church brochures. I am serious. My mailbox was jam-packed with church brochures. Which is just a small indication of the sort of place small-town Virginia is.

I have a strange habit of falling in love in my dreams. I’m not sure why this is. It is generally quite difficult for me to fall in love, or even like, in real life.

Furthermore, the guys in my dreams are always fall hard for me. Like, so obviously that I can tell. (I am generally exceedingly oblivious to those sorts of things.) So maybe I have, like, some subconscious part of me really wants to have a guy fall for me. (Kind of goes along with the title of this post, huh?=D)

But the weird thing is, the guys are never the same type of guy at all, and often they have little to no personality. Like, the other night I started hanging out with this guy in my dream. The only thing that made him distinctive was that he  didn’t like to wear sleeveless shirts. I basically dated him to make my mom mad. We would go to convenience stores and eat chips together.

Then me and him and my brother (who was sort of, but not exactly, like Ben) decided to run away from my mean mom who didn’t want me to date this guy. So we piled into a bright blue clown car and took off.

Now. The weirdest thing about this is that I knew I was dreaming the whole time. It was so strange, like my subconscious reasoning was saying, “Hey! This is my chance know what it’s like to go out with a guy that adores me but has no personality, and also disrespect my mom.” Which isn’t exactly the sort of reasoning I want to employ when I lucid dream.

Just saying.

I was going to tell you about last year’s dream experiment but this post is getting long so I’ll tell you all about it at a later date.

Till then!

2 responses to “Why I Want to get Married

  1. So, you basically live while you are awake and live a different life while you are asleep? Very busy mind!


  2. “…I’ll tell you all about it at a later date.” Clever.


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