The Adventures of Emily and Esta

8 responses to “The Adventures of Emily and Esta

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  2. This was awesome! Subscribe me to your weekly!


  3. very nice video!


  4. Oh. my.
    Dee Baker is on Facebook.
    And Emily is playing guitar.
    Don’t want to think about what’s next unless it’s Jesus coming back.


  5. My then-86-year-old aunt tried out Facebook for awhile last year, but she has since canceled her account (she was losing sleep, basically, worrying about the things she couldn’t figure out on Facebook–but I have to hand it to her that she tried!). It’s an awesome way for the grands and the greats to keep up with their descendants, see their photos, etc.! Remember: It’s only the Budget on steroids, after all! 🙂 The best to you on that guitar, Emily! Keep practicing!


  6. can’t wait for the next edition!


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