Afraid of the Dark

A song ran through my head last night. It went like this:

If I could sing you a song
At the dawn of the night
When the sky is so inky
And the stars are so bright

When the beautiful Father
Whispers down to his daughter
Don’t you know that I’m holding you tight

The tune was like a lullaby and that was how I was able to fall asleep. I thought of a little girl who was afraid of the dark, and her father was with her, holding her tight, until she fell asleep. To her, her father was the most beautiful thing in the world, right then.

I was afraid of the dark last night, but it was more than the dark of the night. It was the dark of my life and my depression. It felt like the dawn of the night, the beginning of a series of hardships yet to come, and I was scared to fall asleep.

Make sense? Probably not, but it made sense to me right then and right now. And I am glad for that, because my future scares me.

On that note…

goodnight folks.

3 responses to “Afraid of the Dark

  1. actually it does make sense


  2. it makes perfect sense. to be afraid of what to come is completely normal. you just have to keep pushing on and hope you can do the best of your ability. i have a feeling, with all your past experiences, you are strong and can do anything you put your heart to. good luck on your future


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