Spinning Around


dum de dum

  • Spring is here. Jump in the air, spin around, turn cartwheels.
  • It now looks like I will be volunteer tutoring, and that makes me all happy inside.
  • In my dream last night I found a way to both keep my volunteer positions and attend SMBI fifth term. It involved a lot of driving back and forth.
  • My mose is sore because I keep blowing my nose with coarse toilet paper.
  • I was busy today. I love love love being busy.
  • I was dizzy today. I hate hate hate being dizzy.

You know how sometimes the sun shines, and you just want to be a kid again? Swinging on the swings, playing tag, sliding down the slide…

The great thing about the after school program is that you can do all those things and it’s not weird cause you’re just playing with the kids.

The main attraction for most of the children is the tire swing. It spins around and around and around and they all take turns.

“Can I fit on there too?” I asked, once.

In hindsight, it was an absolutely stupid thing to ask. Somehow I had it in my head that whatever was fun for the kids would be fun for me too, because right then, in the sunshine, I was a kid again.


It was like a bad dream. Around and around and around and all I could do was close my eyes and hang on. But even hanging on got harder and harder until I was leaning back so far I crashed into the lady who was pushing us.

I was sooooo dizzy after that. It took hours to wear off. And I had to drive home.

But I made it.

3 responses to “Spinning Around

  1. You have a mose? What is that? And it get sore when you blow your nose? That is so weird/cool! How come I don’t have a mose?


    • Oh my word you of all people should know what a mose is!!! You, after all, were the one who told me years ago that the space between your nose and mouth is called your mose. I can’t believe you forgot.


  2. What???? I so do not remember this. Weird.


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