Toyota dreams

Random Man in my dream: So, you have a new car now?

Me: Yeah. Well actually it’s my Dad’s. I mean, he bought it.

(At this point the man gave me a weird look, and I was nervous, thinking maybe I looked like a spoiled rich girl, that my dad would buy me a car.)

Man: So, what kind is it?

Me: Toyota Corolla.

Man: Oh. Well don’t be surprised if the steering wheel quits working.

Me: What? Oh no! What should I do if that happens? Slam on the brakes?

Man: You have to be careful not to slam them too hard.

A bit later I was driving my new (for me) gold Toyota Corolla. Ben and Jenny were along. I was going downhill, towards a brick school. What do you think happened?

My steering wheel quit working, of course.

Me: Guys, we’re gonna crash. Make sure you have your seat-belts on.

(I didn’t say it out loud, but I was hoping they were taking this opportunity to make things right with Jesus.)

Ben: Why are we crashing?

Me: The steering wheel quit working.

Ben: Hey! We can turn the car just by shifting our weight!

Me: Really?

(We all scooted to the left. The car turned the corner.)

See guys, when you all make Toyota recall jokes when you find out what kind of car I drive, this is the kind of dreams I have.

2 responses to “Toyota dreams

  1. For the record, I am completely supportive of a Toyota purchase at this point. I’ll be you got a good deal on it.


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