Toothpicks and that summer

Today I stuck a blue toothpick in my mouth and looked cool.

Jason said, “I can look cool without a blue toothpick in my mouth.”

I said, “I can look cool with a blue toothpick in my mouth.”

Jason said, “Yeah, that is harder.”

Today I pushed a little girl on the swings. Her feet kept swinging back and hitting me. So the front of my sweater was all muddy.

Today I started editing footage from SMBI. Finally.

I recently read a book called “That Summer” by Sarah Dessen. I probably would have never read it, only when I did my post on romance someone commented and said I should check out Sarah Dessen’s books. So I grabbed “That Summer” from the library. I didn’t think I would like it, but I did.

There is this thing of the main character really liking her sister’s former boyfriend. Not liking him as a boyfriend for herself or anything, but liking him tremendously as a boyfriend for her sister. He was a very fascinating character. There were also interesting themes of getting an idea in your head that one person will somehow solve all your problems, and of people turning out to be quite different than you expected them to be. Well anyway it was great.

2 responses to “Toothpicks and that summer

  1. That Summer is a really good book! My favorite out of Sarah Dessen’s books is Along for the Ride. oh and Lock and Key, those two are amazing. I’m really glad you liked my recommendation 😀


  2. Hey! I should read one of those books! They sound interesting! Can’t wait to see you!


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