This is incredably pathetic

I have writers block. Thus I will leap around from random subject to random subject.

It was quite bizarre Friday morning. I got into the DC airport at 1:00 AM and it was completely empty except for our flight. Everything felt a bit surreal anyway, cause I was so tired, and then there was this huge empty airport and this music that sounded like movie soundtrack music playing. I felt like I was in some movie or maybe a dream.

Out here everyone refers to DC as “Washington” which I find strange since Washington is a state and all.

I have my own room again. Not quite like having my own house, but still, it’s been months since I had my own room. Well I guess technically I had my own room in Oregon but it was filled with everyone else’s stuff and people always trooped through cause it was the movie room.

I am sick of writing this so I’m gonna go watch 7 brides for 7 brothers.

2 responses to “This is incredably pathetic

  1. It’s good to know you got back to the east okay. I hope all goes well for you healthwise, jobwise, etc.

    I was busy this afternoon making supper for Dave (my brother) and his family. His wife Lillian is subbing at their school for 3 weeks while Randall’s teacher is attending bible school. Mom and I wanted to lighten her load. Mom and I both worked on their supper. It is fun to cook with her. She is a pro at it!

    I’ll catch you later!



  2. Hey, I never did get to watch that with you. *sniff* Too bad. one of these days, I’m gonna meet up with you again, and then we’ll do it! lol ~Rose


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