I need YOUR story

Before I even went to SMBI it was my intention to eventually write a novel set at a Mennonite Bible School. So my brain has been tossing ideas around for quite a while, but in the shower last night something clicked that had never clicked before, and I was ready to get my pen moving.

But one term at SMBI, while giving me a place to start, does not give me enough to write a whole novel with. I would really, really love to get your help with this.

This is the kind of thing I would like to know.

  • If you have gone to a Bible School, what happened to you there? Do you have any funny stories? Sobering stories? What did you learn?
  • What sorts of things did you struggle with while you were in the 18-23 age range?
  • What is it like to go on tour? (Yes, it was by my own choice not to go on tour, and I thought it was a good choice until I realized that I can’t very well write a Mennonite Bible school novel without adding a tour into the plot)

If you have anything to contribute please please email me at Jemilys@gmail.com. In fact, I am so desperate that I’ll throw a bonus into the deal. If you email me your contribution, I’ll send you a story I wrote for writing class when I was 16 titled “Mrs. Finkelstein’s Dentures.”

Please contribute?

Edit: Oh my bunnyslippers I left “Mrs. Finkelstein’s Dentures” in CO. In fact all my stories are in CO. I was desperately trying to find a substitute to send, when Jenny showed up  with a story titled “The Princess and the Footman” which she told me verbally last summer, and I wrote down and edited.

So if you contribute I will not only send you “The Princess and the Footman” right away, but I will send you “Mrs. Finkelstein’s Dentures” as well once I get my old computer out of storage.

4 responses to “I need YOUR story

  1. when we were at bmabi on tour, the snow started falling and we had to cut it short and drive home all night (thanks to our amazing bus driver for getting safely back!) people started getting really sick, some stomach bug was going around our bus and ppl started throwing up and lying on the floor of the bus. pretty much right after we got back to the school the snow was followed by an ice storm and everyone was stuck there. it was crazy


  2. I went to Messiah Bible School in Carbon Hill, so no touring.

    Probably one of my favorite funny memories would be of the first night of one term (I went 4 different years) when the principal was giving his “introductory” remarks abou tthe schedule and he had a slip of the tongue and said something about getting into our beddies by so and so time. Of course, predictably we all busted out snickering, and he cracked a further joke about how we are probably all too old to go to beddy and should go to BED but we could call it our ‘beddy’ if we wanted to!

    And people talking in their sleep . . . don’t forget that! I can tell you more stories on that from the boys and girl’s dorm (my dh went there as well) so do feel free to get in touch if you want more. 😉


  3. Hmmmm I will have to think on that one awhile… Are you getting many responses? I will email you sometime in the next week 🙂


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