ugly dresses, awkward moments, and unknown names

I guess since this is such a short week the entire student population decided to cram as much into it as possible. I’m not just talking about evenings filling up rapidly with videos for BCF class and Reading and Study skills class, or hurriedly trying to finish up my persuasive speech. I’m talking about blog-worthy things happening.

Monday us girls had an ugly dress day, and then in the evening we transformed, dressing in fancy dresses and having a tea party. It was so much fun that we decided Tuesday would be fancy dress day.

Then, today, all the guys decided to have a weird hair day.

Yesterday I had one of those moments that I keep thinking back on and laughing about. It happened during choir practice. There are only five students besides me who are not in choir, so it’s usually pretty dead around. I snagged this moment to do my cleaning job.

So I, wearing a bright pink dress (it was fancy dress day, you will remember) and carrying two tea cups that I intended to take to the kitchen to wash, trotted down the stairs. Then, all of the sudden, bam! There was a boy beside me.

It was John, one of the 5 not in choir, a quiet guy that I don’t talk to much. He apparently was coming up the hall from the library while I was coming down the stairs, so that when the stairs ended we were all of the sudden striding along side by side.

It was so random and awkward that I burst out laughing. “Hi,” I said, in a “this is so random and awkward” voice.

John gave a little swagger. “Hi,” he said, in an “It’s so nice to meet you” voice.


The hall ended. In front of us were the wide open double doors of the gym, where virtually the entire student body was standing, facing us, practicing choir. Yes, that whole ordeal had happened in front of everyone, as though we were on stage.

I turned to the right to go to the kitchen. He turned to the right to go who knows where. We walked off stage together.

You know what else happened this week? Well, it started last Friday. Aunt Barb left me a voice mail about coming to her place for Thanksgiving, and saying that there were two guys coming that direction who I could maybe catch a ride with. Jerin Bender and Jeff Kanagy.

I knew who Jerin was, but I didn’t know which guy was Jeff. I know that sounds really lame, but I really haven’t put forth a huge effort to get everyone’s names down. Plus I’d been sick for a week.

However, for some reason I didn’t feel terribly comfortable snagging Jerin and asking for a ride. I don’t know why, some people are just more awkward to talk to than others. So I didn’t get that done until Sunday evening, and guess what Jerin said. “Uh, I’m not sure if we’re going past or not. You’ll have to talk to Jeff. I’m riding with him.”

Um, great…

I had been trying all weekend to figure out which guy was Jeff, but now I tried harder. There was one guy who I thought might be Jeff, and he showed up in my Reading and Study skills class. I had never really noticed him before, but lo and behold, we didn’t have a roll call, so that didn’t help me much.

At supper time I snagged Kayla. “You have to sit by me and show me which guy is Jeff,” I said. So we found a seat near the back where we could watch everyone, and figured out who Jeff was. Then I pointed out all the guys that I didn’t know their names, and asked Kayla to tell me what their names were. So now I know.

Well I talked to Jeff and got the ride. I am happy. But would you believe, I have a third story to tell about.

Yesterday Kayla decided to take a shower. She opened the curtain and screamed. There was something dead in there.

It was a fox, skinned and hanging from the shower head.

Dorm 5 was declaring war on dorm 6.

I’m just kidding. About the dorms declaring war, that is. What actually happened was this: The son of the music teacher trapped a fox, killed it, and skined it. Some boys apparently stole it, and some girls volunteered to take it to the girl’s dorm and play the joke.

The school was in an uproar. I was in the corner, writing my Mennonite Bible School novel in my head.

A dead fox in the shower? Seriously?

So many things to write about, so little time. Will you get a new blog post soon? Who can tell?

9 responses to “ugly dresses, awkward moments, and unknown names

  1. this post just made my day! Love the dead fox story! I can only imagine the uproar. Makes me wish I was back at SMBI for a term or two. Reading between the lines here… are you feeling better?


  2. HAH! If that’s the Jon I think it is I just died laughing at the mind picture. Oh, how funny!
    Was it my pink dress? šŸ˜‰


  3. And it’s John’s almost-tipsy swagger which probably made the performance just wonderful.. I actually don’t remember it so much, maybe I was ducking chorus that day, or maybe I was watching the director, imagine that.

    I thought the fox joke was kinda funny, but unfortunately administration says it’s not funny.

    So now it’s hilarious. šŸ™‚


  4. lol! you had quite the oddball week!


  5. after discovering your post here, hans mast linked it up on facebook, finding it well written and then discovering you are a published author shows me i need to read your books. btw tell the dave gingerich family hello from me. btw do you have any tips for an aspiring author?


    • The only aspiring author advice I can offer is, “enter contests even if you don’t think you are quite good enough.” Although some contests are skams that make you pay so maybe that isn’t the best advice. But really, that’s all I did. Definately a God thing. Hopefully someday I’ll have some real advice to offer. šŸ™‚
      In regards to your comment on my later post, I get what you’re saying about not being “good people.” I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not like God owes it to me to make me healhy. But the whole “why do bad things happen to good people?” question is something that everyone is familiar with, so that’s why I used it. Perhaps I should have said, “why do bad things happen to nice people?”


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