Em’s schedule and stuff

Emily’s daily schedule:

6:45ish-10:00ish—Sleep, wake up when people enter or exit the room, sleep some more, eat some breakfast, sleep sleep sleep.

10:00ish-10:45—Wake up suddenly, realizing I have a class soon. Get dressed. Swallow lots of pills. Stumble down to class.

10:45-12:15—Sit in class with head resting against the wall.

12:15-2:00—Stumble back up the stairs and into bed. Eat some lunch. Fall asleep.

2:00-2:30—Wake up. Oh no, I have class soon. Swallow lots of pills. Stumble down to class.

2:30-4:00—Sit in class with head resting against the wall.

4:00-7ish—Stumble back upstairs to bed. Sleep and sleep.

7ish—eat some supper

Rest of evening—Lie in bed feeling miserable, wonder around feeling miserable, study.

Sometimes I want to laugh at myself because of course, of course this was going to happen. Bible School is basically a germ factory and I am basically a sickness magnet so do the math, people. I don’t regret coming here but I’m beginning to think that it’s a good thing it happened so spur of the moment or else I would have realized how stupid of an idea it was and baled out.

Now something more lighthearted:

Last night a girl named Beth said, “Hey, you know know how the guys get the library on Wednesday nights? You know what we should do? We should all get on the top bunks and jump off at the exact same time so it would be like, “BOOM!”

So we did. Well I didn’t. I have a strange fear of leaping off of top bunks. But there were some loud booms and then more loud booms cause some girls in some other room were apparently just jumping up and down over and over again and then it was over and I never heard what the guys thought or even if there were any guys in the library to hear us.

I haven’t been coming down to the library much. Hopefully my schedule kind of explains it. I guess I never came out and said that I’ve been struggling with sickness, but I have. The result? I haven’t been posting like I promised.


One response to “Em’s schedule and stuff

  1. you used to jump off top bunks all the time I thought.


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