SMBI, tomorrow?

Last night, around midnight.

Me: Man, you know how I was gonna apply to go to SMBI second term and then didn’t after all, cause I was so sick? I wish now I would have. It would have worked so perfectly. I’m done with my schoolwork and Annie and don’t have anything to do.

Dad: Well why don’t we call them in the morning and ask if they have any openings?

Me: Seriously?!!?

Dad: When does it start?

Me: Like, three days.

Dad: Oh. Well, I’ll call and see.

Next Morning

Dad: Do you have any openings?

Headmaster: actually, yes, we have one woman’s opening. Fax in your application.


Yes. So as long as I get accepted, I’ll be flying to SMBI tomorrow morning. Pray, people!

4 responses to “SMBI, tomorrow?

  1. Congratulations! Ask, and it shall be given…


  2. Oh wow. Things sure do happen fast. I was really looking forward to you coming back to Oregon but I’m still very excited for you!


  3. wow. That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you. 🙂


  4. Wow! Cool! Make sure Benji behaves!


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