There is blood on my chin

Everything made sense until my chin hit the floor. Somehow the beeping indicated that a lady needed something from me, so all I had to do was hop out of bed, help her, and then hop back into bed.

But then my chin shot forward and hit the floor with a bone jarring thud. I looked around, slightly dazed, and realized that I was not in dreamland, there was no mysterious lady needing my help, and I had just hopped off of the top bunk when someone else’s alarm clock went off.

I was spending the night and Knepps, because all the parents and big kids were gone. It was 5:30 in the morning. Everyone was asleep but me. As I turned off the alarm clock and prepared to climb back into bed, I realized that my hand was wet.

Blood? Perhaps I scraped my chin up a bit. I went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and saw that my whole chin was bloody.

Nice. I got a washcloth and tried to wash it, but most of it wouldn’t come off. That’s when I realized that there was roughly a half inch squarish circlish patch of skin missing from my chin.

That’s when I started bawling and called my mom.

This happened not last night, but the night before. It is a bit improved by now, but I still had to stick my cereal and soy milk in the blender this morning and drink it. And the wound is closing. What originally looked like a patch of skin missing is now looking like a half inch cut, that got scraped way open.

I also have a bruise on my knee so I think I must have sort of landed on my chin and knees. But I was so out of it it’s hard to know.

Opening night of Annie is tonight! Yay!

And I missed my Thursday special. Oops! You have to forgive me though, my thoughts were consumed with hurriedly cleaning my house so that my landlord could show it to the real estate lady, trying to get a day’s worth of schoolwork in, blending up food, caring for my poor chin, and the last dress rehearsal. So stay tuned for next Thursday!

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