Right now I feel incredibly strong and also embarrassingly weak.

Strong because, though I spent both Friday and Saturday hanging out with friends and such, till sort-of late, and the week before that goofing off with my crazy siblings, I was still fine and dandy this morning to go to Church.

Week because I tried to play round table last night.

So I’ve kept myself from even trying to play volleyball and softball and ultimate Frisbee. But last night, hanging out with the Knepps and the Millers, I decided I was going to try to play round table with them. I’m tired of sitting out all the time, you know? Plus, how hard can round table be?

The first game I had no problem with tiredness, mostly because I messed up every single time I tried to hit the ball. After a while someone said, “how long are we gonna let Emily keep playing?” Yeah. It was bad. After about five mistakes they finally called me out on it and I sat down for the rest of the game.

By the next game I was much improved. But by the time I was in the top three with only one mistake my heart was speeding up to dangerous levels and I had to forfeit.

I sat out for game four, and won game five. But boy was I tired. I could barely make it to my chair.

Tired. From round table. Pathetic.

Next Subject:

I spent a lot of yesterday just hanging out at Millers. The younger ones were watching this movie about a dog who rescues people or something, and they insisted that I watch with them.

So I did. Of course.

There was this one scene where this guy decides to be cool, so he combs his hair just so, swaggers around in a white t-shirt and black leather jacket, whips off  his sunglasses, and asks this girl if she wants to “do pizza.” Izzy loved this scene, rewinding it and playing it over and over. He wanted to be just like that when he got big, he said.

I went to a bowling alley yesterday. The Millers have one right next door to them. I didn’t play, which, if you think about how I did with round table, shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise. But I’ve never been in a bowling alley before, and it was really cool. The lights were such that most white things would just…glow.

Lately I’ve been having this wonderful experience where I’ll go on facebook, and someone will post something like…

Kristi Mullet had a great evening…..ultimate, sonic, friends and green hoodies!!! Good times:)


Dallas Knepp had fun bowling an hangin out at Millers

and I’ll all of the sudden realize that I was there.

I get the joke of the green hoodie.

I know what they’re talking about.

I was at that fun party.

Pathetically enough, it’s not something I’ve really experienced before.

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  1. Ok so I have to ask…What is round table?
    I’ve never heard of a game called that or of anything that sounds similar. What have I been missing???


  2. “When I am weak, then am I strong.”


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