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The Refugee Challenge

I have a challenge for you.

I want you to think about how much media you have consumed about the Syrian refugee crisis. You probably spent several hours reading about it before the events in Paris even took place. I’m guessing your entire Friday evening was spent glued to Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite news source, watching the events unfold in real time.

Since then, you’ve probably spent hours on Facebook seeing memes and opinions splashed about, as well as read multiple informative articles on the subject.

Now. How much time have you spent reading your Bible and praying about the issue?

As my audience is mostly Christian, I’m guessing you have spent some time exploring what God has to say. However, I’m going to propose that VERY FEW OF YOU have spent as much time in the Word and in prayer as you have online reading news and opinions. I certainly haven’t.

So here’s my challenge: Start to bridge that gap.

Open your Bible. Pray that God would show you what He wants you to see. Read. Find every verse that talks about anything related to the refugee crisis. What does the Bible say about immigrants? What does the Bible say about personal safety? What does the Bible say about Muslims? It’s all fair game.

I was going to only issue this challenge to Christians, but I changed my mind. Non-Christians, why don’t you start reading too? Read what the Bible says, and ask yourself this: do the Christians you know really believe their own book?

That’s the extent of the challenge. I’m not asking you to agree with me. I’m not asking you to vote for something or not vote for something else.

Just read your Bible. Pray.

That’s it.

What you do afterwords is between you and God.