Video: I Made A Japanese “Peach Rare Cheesecake” Recipe I Found On Instagram

Back story:

A year and a half ago, my sister Jenny sent me a recipe for clementine cake that she found on Instagram. I was enchanted with the idea of clementine cake after watching the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. But the directions flashed by so fast they were hard to follow. Also, it was in Japanese. Some of the directions were translated into English, and some weren’t.

Nevertheless, I made it, and posted on my Instagram stories about the process. People really enjoyed it, so I decided to do it again, and make it into a YouTube video this time.

Only, I wanted to try something new. So I found the original recipe Jenny had sent, and realized it was posted by Tasty Japan. (Tasty is the company behind all those recipe videos on Facebook and Instagram, and it’s owned by Buzzfeed.) I scrolled around until I found this enchanting-looking “peach rose cheesecake.”

This time, instead of trying to follow the video directions as they flashed by, I google-translated the Japanese recipe that was written in the caption. The translated title was “peach rare cheesecake” instead of “peach rose cheesecake.”

The day I chose to make this was also the day we were preparing for a garage sale, so most of my family and many of my friends make hilarious cameo appearances.

I hope you enjoy the adventure!


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2 responses to “Video: I Made A Japanese “Peach Rare Cheesecake” Recipe I Found On Instagram

  1. A fun video and a very pretty cheesecake!!

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  2. Looks delicious!

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