The Bookish Tag (A Video)


My blog has been sorely neglected during the month of May. Honestly I’ve just wanted to hide in a hole this month. And it just gets worse and worse. When I sit down to write, I can’t even express my feelings. I am just sickened at George Floyd’s death, and everything that caused it: the racial injustice in our country, and the violent police systems.

I don’t even have blog posts inside me right now. I’m sorry.

What I do have is this video that I filmed over a month ago and never uploaded because our internet couldn’t handle it. (Seriously, after 48 hours it wasn’t even halfway uploaded, and I gave up.) But today I managed to fix the problem by using the hotspot in Mom’s writing cabin.

Here’s the story behind the video: After my week of book-related posts last fall, Rachel Troyer of The Striped Pineapple messaged me saying she enjoyed it, and perhaps she’d do a bookweek herself. I told her that if she did so, I’d write up a “tag” of book-related questions for her to answer on her blog.

Rachel did the tag, and then Esther at Shasta’s Fog did the tag, and it looked like so much fun that I decided to do the tag too. Yes, I answered my own questions. Ha. But I did it via video, so that you could actually see the books I was referring to. (Subsequently Eden at The Happy Hedgehog did it too, but I didn’t mention her in the video because when I filmed it she hadn’t done so yet!)

Anyway, enjoy the video! And if you want to answer the questions in your own blog, video, or even in the comments, I’d love it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the blogs of everyone who has done the tag.


10 responses to “The Bookish Tag (A Video)

  1. Have you read “Just Ella” by Margaret Peterson Haddix? It’s a rewriting of the Cinderella story which I think is pretty great.

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  2. I really enjoyed your video. I’m now off to thrift books to find Just Patty.

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  3. Yes, i understand the need to hide. i’m currently in so much emotional pain that it physically hurts. It’s not fun being an empath. Maybe we should get together and read that chapter from Just Patty out loud together…

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  4. Think of all the abortions that are happening everyday. Talk about injustice!! Yes, what happened was wrong. But there are so many wrong things happening…we could be depressed 24/7 if we chose to dwell on those things.


    • Emily Sara Smucker

      Hi E! How would you feel if someone told you to stop thinking about abortion…to just let it happen because there’s so many wrong things happening in the world, and if we think about abortion too much, we will be depressed 24/7? I know that sometimes we need to turn off the news and give our minds a rest, but when human beings are dying unjustly, we as Christians cannot just pretend it’s not happening. Whether it’s abortion, police brutality, or children starving in Yemen. We need to care, just as Jesus cares.


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