The Hardest Part of Moving Every Month

Some people, upon hearing that I move to a different area every month, tell me that it sounds amazing. Some people tell me that it sounds hard. The truth, perhaps unsurprisingly, is that I find it amazing but also hard.

It’s not hard because of the constant change of scenery, or the constant meeting of new people. That keeps life interesting. Neither is it hard because of the occasional loneliness, because it never lasts long, and I like being alone.

The hardest part of living in a different area every month has been…my health.

My health is one thing I usually keep pretty private. That may seem odd, as the one book I published is literally about my health. But here are all my very good reasons for not talking about it.

  1. People ask about your health, but they don’t really care about your health.
    I don’t mean this as a rebuke. There are just certain topics that are “small talk” topics, only interesting when kept to one sentence or so. Like your dreams, your health, “how you’re doing,” how you slept last night, and what you studied in college. If your explanations stretch past a sentence or two, people’s eyes glaze over.
  2. I’m not enormously worried about my health.
    Maybe I should be. But the thing about poor health is, you just learn to adapt. You find a thousand tiny ways to simplify your daily routines. You get trained to do a desk job. You just deal.
  3. I get overwhelmed by cures.
    When I talk about health, people have cures for me.

    I am an Enneagram 5, which means I am easily overwhelmed and quite skeptical. I’m not going to try a thousand miracle cures because they “might” work. If you’re a doctor or nurse I will happily listen to your ideas, but I’m not just going to try everything willy-nilly. Anything that’s potent enough to drastically cure is also potent enough to potentially do harm.

  4. My health is very hard to explain.
    I often feel unwell, but I have vague symptoms. And my symptoms aren’t always the same. Trying to explain my health to someone feels like trying to explain a very complicated card game.

This year has been particularly hard on my health. I don’t know why. Maybe it takes my body a while to adjust to a new area? But it feels like every time I move I find myself exhausted, sleeping excessively, and trying to re-assure whoever I’m living with that I’ll be okay, while also trying to avoid talking about my health too much.

I worry that they’ll worry. They’re always so kind, letting me come live with them. The last thing I’d want to cause is worry.

Anyway. The Florida sunshine has been fantastic, but since I’ve been here I’ve felt like I’m constantly on the edge of a cold, and I’ve been sleeping an alarming amount.

After Florida I’m going to Pennsylvania, where I’m planning to stay six weeks instead of the usual four. Slowing down a bit. And I’ll be staying with a friend who is familiar with my health issues, instead of a stranger who isn’t.

But if you think of any places that are particularly good for the health, please let me know. Maybe I’ll move there next.

7 responses to “The Hardest Part of Moving Every Month

  1. Aww that’s too bad. I’m sure I wouldn’t hold up traveling like that, especially winters, altho I’m sure I’d enjoy it. That’s always somthing I worry about when I travel- getting sick (since I’m sensitive to purfumes or any strong scents I can be sure I’ll have to deal w that at some point). Last summer I was gone for 6 wks & got sick 3 times :[! I have since started taking herbal thyroid pills & have had more energy and am sick less. I too am very careful about trying all these remedies & hate having to take pills all the time but if it really helps I’m willing to keep taking them. The healthiest place I know of is the county :). I hope your health allows you to finish what you started!


  2. Central PA is where I live and I’m sorry to say it’s not a good area health wise. Otherwise I love it! We have a number of people in our church struggling with health issues, myself included. It seems this area triggers lots of allergies, lots of Lyme disease and just general unexplained health issues.
    I have heard good things about Arizona. It’s warm and the climate is dry. Maybe consider that?


  3. I think you did well at my house. You might try moving there. 😉 ❤


  4. We are going to Bangladesh for a month in February, which I enjoyed, and had good health. Of course, there are people who have the opposite story! Hang in there! I really get the part, where people ask a question, but only expect a very short response! Have a great day, and praying for good health, and understanding friends.


  5. I’m sorry to hear about your health and that many days aren’t feeling 100%. I think that is very cool though that you keep persevering and don’t let it stop you from what God has in store. I hope you have restful, peaceful upcoming days!

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  6. Maybe the hours of extra sleep are God’s way of helping you feel better. If you have the time and it seems appropriate, I suggest you get some extra sleep and thank God you can sleep.

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