The Great Thrift Store Haul


I miss making videos, so I decided to make one. This is Jenny and I chatting about our recent thrift store hauls.


9 responses to “The Great Thrift Store Haul

  1. i have missed your videos!!! The quality of sound and picture is really good on this. The blue sweater is perfect. ❤ You still need to come use my pill shaver. Jenny, i can tell the sleeves are whiter on the cool black and white sweatshirt thingie. Yes on the LaCroix! i'm the only one in our family that likes it. Maybe you could do some dramatizations. Those were a lot of fun in your old videos, and the improved picture and sound quality is a great bonus. Ok, i'm just blathering on here, but the main thing is that i enjoyed it and felt like i was with you so i'm just talking along here. 🙂


  2. I got such a kick out of this video! Ya’ll are adorable 😆 Love the chambray dress. I’d love to see you in these outfits!

    Next video… your top 10 favorite books 😄

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  3. I watched this with my daughter, Victoria, who’s 18….and we were highly entertained. Thank you! I sooo get you on hating to spend money on tennis shoes. I’m the same way. Hate them.

    The best part was the free fur scarf/wig/whatever. It’s cute. You are both clever and this was fun to watch.

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  4. Very fun! The rose boots are cute, cute–but I’m sort of an “old” lady….One other thrift store rule–Even though things are inexpensive, buy only if you need it. It’s easy to accumulate too much stuff at those prices 🙂 (Watched your video after seeing your mom’s post on FB.)

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  5. This was so fun! I laughed and laughed; you two are toooooo much! Loved it!

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  6. I’m adding your word “thrifted” to my list of words. Let me just say you need to be impressed because our President’s word “bigly” is on that list as well.


  7. I want a pair of Rose boots!


  8. I really enjoyed this and the quality is amazing!

    If you’re ever short of something to talk/write about, you could share your experiences of altering low necklines in more detail… I’ve done quite a lot of sewing and I still struggle with getting it to look and feel right.


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