A Christmas Miracle

On Black Friday, the first day of the “official” Christmas season, a Christmas Miracle happened to me.

It began when I decided I wanted to go Black Friday shopping.

If you know me, you are probably wondering why on earth I wanted to go Black Friday shopping. I just do not enjoy shopping, or crowds, or stores that are not thrift stores. Spending money gives me anxiety. I like to go on anti-consumerism rants. In fact, I probably haven’t gone Black Friday shopping in over ten years.

But for some reason I felt nostalgic for being 16 and thinking shopping at malls was fun and exciting. I wanted to be surrounded by the gentle hug of Christmas decor and music and frantic shoppers. Both of my sisters refused to come, but my friend Shanea agreed to indulge me.



Shanea and I in line at Bath and Body Works

I didn’t even know where to go, except I thought it might be fun to go to Bath and Body Works and buy a candle. In the end, I didn’t buy a candle, but I did sniff lots of candles and have fun.

As Shanea and I were leaving the store, I heard someone say “Emily!”

I looked up, and there was my friend Yasmeen.

Yasmeen! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought she was out of the country. I thought I might never see her again.

“I messaged you and messaged you!” I said, wrapping her in the hugest of hugs.

“My Facebook Messenger wasn’t working,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do. I don’t have your phone number or your email address.”

You guys have no idea how much I’d prayed about this. Yasmeen and I were such close friends this last year of college, and then we’d both graduated on June 17. No worries. She was going to be in Corvallis for a couple months yet, and I was already talking about visiting her in whatever country grad school or internships took her. We’d hang out.

Only, we didn’t. Suddenly my Facebook messages were met with cold silence. Was she okay? What was going on? I had no idea.

I prayed. My mom prayed. I asked my Sunday School class to pray. I didn’t have her phone number, her email address, anything. Just Facebook. I was so scared that this was the end of our friendship.

And then, over five months later…

When I was sure she’d already left the country…

I got the strangest urge to go Black Friday shopping.

And there she was.

6 responses to “A Christmas Miracle

  1. Awwww!!!!! That is precious!

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  2. I love this, Emily!!


  3. This is amazing, beautifully timed. Right now I have a seemingly-impossible prayer burden. He is able! Linda

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  4. That’s our wonderful God at work. Precious memory!


  5. Oh wow! This is beautiful! I love the fact that you don’t even like Black Friday shopping and yet you got the urge to go!


  6. It feels really good to get a direct, no-question-about-it, answer to prayer like that doesn’t it? Kinda like God just gave you a big smile and a friendly wink. Whenever I have prayed for something, small or large, and have gotten an answer like that, I feel, for some reason, very humbled. The fact that God, who made the whole world and all the billions of people, heard my simple prayer and deemed it worthy of a response has always had the effect of boggling my mind. You would think that eventually, one would get used to it, but no…

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