The April Blogging Challenge

Welcome to the April Blogging Challenge!

In previous years, Mom, Jenny, and I took turns blogging every weekday in the month of April. We called it “MOP,” which stood for “Month Of Posting.”

This year we changed the name, after having a Facebook discussion about it.


In the end we decided to scrap the acronym idea and just go with the simple, straightforward, April Blogging Challenge.

Every single day in the month of April, including weekends this year, Mom, Jenny, or I will write a blog post. Mom will post tomorrow over at, and Jenny will post Monday at

Happy April, and I’ll see you again on Tuesday! (Unless this is an April Fools Day joke, which it probably isn’t, but you won’t know for sure until tomorrow.)

3 responses to “The April Blogging Challenge

  1. I assumed the acronym was the first couple letters of the alphabet -ABC.

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  2. I love it! Can’t wait!


  3. Love all of you ladies! And i thought it was ABC on purpose, too. 😀


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