Belknap Hot Springs

Ashlie and I may no longer be roommates, but we still make time to get together for adventures.


This time, Ashlie found a hot springs in the Cascades for us to go to. I’ve wanted to visit a hot springs for years, but unfortunately they’re reputed to be crowded and clothing-optional places. Belknap hot springs, however, is owned by a hotel. It’s much less rustic but bathing suits are required.

I don’t have pictures of the actual hot springs because my phone ran out of storage. Basically, the hot water is pumped into a swimming pool, so it’s rather like being in a giant hot tub. It felt rather glorious. I had some really sore muscles that week, so bad I was taking the handicap entrances to avoid stairs, and it was nice to have a good soak.

Also, it was a pretty location, out in the woodsy mountains. The Mckenzie river, swelled with the winter rains, rushed past, though when I was down in the pool I saw more ugly fence than actual river.

It cost $8 for an hour, and $15 for all day. Ashlie could probably have soaked for hours, but we only stayed for an hour since I tend to get overheated easily. It began to rain softly, and the rain made little glitters all over the water. It was beautiful. I recommend going when it’s cold and rainy.

We saw a bridge over the river, so after we were properly dried and dressed we crossed it and went wandering around the paths on the other side. I was still too sore for a proper hike, so that was a nice alternative.

The paths wound through the woods, at times crossing small streams and skirting around ponds. There was still snow on the ground at places. There was some bamboo and other non-native plants, as well as the usual wild things. And then around the corner was a secret garden, all abandoned-looking.




It was a nice adventure.



4 responses to “Belknap Hot Springs

  1. Wonderful! Now I have all the details to plan a outing with D &A! You are my Oregon travel guide!

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  2. What a beautiful place! i wonder if the water in the last picture is warm. Oh, and the yellow coat is lovely. 🙂


    • Emily Sara Smucker

      It’s not, unfortunately 😦 I definitely thought, if you’re going to pump the hot spring water into a pool you might as well pump it into your awesome garden fountain thing, but no one asked me for advice haha


  3. Heather Nicodemus

    HOORAY for adventures + yellow coats. 👌


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